21 April 2011


Tomorrow is my husbands birthday. So naturally it should be all about him, right?
Wellll unfortunately for him I am having surgery tomorrow. When I heard it was scheduled for April 22 I almost screamed. I had already had to change the date once and wasnt able to change it again unless I wanted to wait 6 months... which I didnt couldnt. Luckily it is later in the day so we can still go get Joe's BBQ for lunch. Bummer for me i wont be able to eat... But its the least I can do to sit and let my hubby enjoy his wonderful and free birthday ribs. He did promise to wait and get the Krispe Kremes after my surgery so i can eat some. Anyways! I cant eat anything solid today. So its almost one and all I have had is some of husbands Gatorade. Jamba Juice is calling my name. We will be making a stop on the way home from schoool. Yes im in class right now. No im not listening. Yes i got a 100% on my last test. Holllla

1 comment:

Kaitlin said...

Erika! Congrats on that math test! I hated math...always have always will! haha I am praying that your surgery goes well. Love you!

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