07 February 2010

happy days.

Honestly this is the happiest time of my life. I am loving every second of it. Chase taught relief society today and he did an amazing job. He is such an amazing guy and i honestly feel he deserves someone so much better than me. But he disagrees and i am really glad about that. Anyways! He talked about the priesthood and how women play a huge role in the mens' lives. It just got me to thinking about how awful the world is around us. Chase, along with many other men, are worthy to hold the priesthood even in these though times. He was saying how the women in their lives influence this and help to steer them in the right direction. Well i feel completely opposite with him! He keeps me on track. Ive always loved the church and done the right thing, but he makes me want to be so much better, and i thank him soo much for that. He is such an example to me and he just blows me away with how strong he is. I am so blessed to have him in my life.
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