18 July 2013

New life so far.

We have been in Utah for 17 days now. It feels like we've been here forever. Its weird that we aren't leaving. This is home now. Well once we find house it will be official. We are currently living in the mother-in-law suit at my Aunt and Uncle's house. But we don't have any of our things, besides some clothes, and not to mention our dogs! They are stuck in Arizona till we can have a place to keep them up here. The weather up here is wonderful. It's been raining almost everyday and in the evenings you can open all your doors and windows and let the cool breeze rush in. In July!! Utah you've been good to us so far. Keep it up!

Before our little family of three headed up to Utah, we took family pictures with both sides of our family. We miss them already and can't wait for them to come visit!

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