31 October 2011

10 points to husband

Let me begin by saying Happy Halloweeen! 
Tonight we are cuddling up and husband is watching whatever scary movie he chooses while I plug my ears and cover my eyes. If you know me, then you know I am terrified of anything scary. Like I use my phone as a light to get to bed once I turn our bedroom light off kind of terrified. Its bad. But its Chase's turn to pick because on Friday he made me one happy girl and went to see Footloose with me. Now I wont lie, it was super cheesy. Like cheesier than I thought even possible. But it was cute and definitely worth the $14 (we saw it matinee) plus the $5.50 for a medium popcorn. So now I feel like I owe husband forever because technically, any one of his friends could have revoked his "man card" for seeing that movie.
But he loves me and didn't tease me too much for crying when they drove off to the dance. 
I think I'll keep him.

26 October 2011

I suck at blogging now

Today was super hero day at work. This is what I went as:
The kids kept asking which Incredible I was... I hadnt really thought about it. They decided I was Incredible Erika, the Incredible coach. Awh shucks they flatter me.
Anyways I decided this would be my halloween costume this year and made husband a shirt as well.
Unfortunately he wont be in tights. Maybe next year as peter pan?
Ill keep my fingers crossed.
nighty night!

11 October 2011

New to the blogg

New shop up on the blog.
Check it out here.
Or just click the shop link just under my blog header.
Enjoy <3

05 October 2011

Just a little tease....

Hawaii is amazing.
Enjoy wednesday xox

01 October 2011

I am never coming home

Hawaii is amazing. Like best thing ever.
Lots of pictures coming in the next few days.
This song has been in my head alllll day

enjoy and happy weeekend!
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