22 August 2011


Hello all you lovelies and happpy monday to ya! Today was my first day of school let me just say that shazam will be my best friend through my rock music history class. Anywho a few weeks ago the lovely Carrie, from Half Baked-The Cake Blog, sent me an email asking if she could feature my wedding cake on her blog. Of course I was flattered! And now the post is up! Click here and make sure you check out her other posts as well. They are all fabulous!

14 August 2011


shirt: tj maxx, undershirt: downeast basics, skirt: tj maxx, belt: thrifted shoes: you can barely seee but forever 21.

K i am soo not good at pictures. Like a normal candid is cool but trying to take an outfit picture? awkward... yeahh Ill just move around and you can take pictures, k thanks. 
Today was lovely though, we went to church where Chase's parents spoke about love at home. They both gave awesome talks! Now at home we have ribs that are allllmost done, id like them to get in my bellly, like now. Laters we are off to our good friends house. Sundays are soo relaxing. Bummers school starts this week for Chase and next week for me. Im trying to start preparing myself for always being gone at school or work. Im a workin woman. Appreciate.

13 August 2011


Okay the things people type into google that lead to my blog crack me up! My faves are:
"My husband peed my pants - pregnant"
Okay what!? I am not pregnant and am confused as to how Chase managed to pee MY pants.

"Peed my pants"
Yeahh another one. So what if I have a problem.

"and stripping"
I do not even know which post this would link to... But hey whatever works!

"his tibia"
My husband broke his leg in May and there are so many searches about "chase's broken leg" but this one is my fav.

Well thats all for now. Its nap time for the Thompson's
Happpy Saturday pretties.

08 August 2011

Nail painting to the extreme

Sister Mikie and I did some intense nail painting today. 
Marble Nails
What you need:
Nail Polish (2-4 colors)
A plastic cup with room temp water
Scotch tape
Tooth picks
100% pure acetone
*Make sure your nails are already painted {and dried} the lightest color you are going to use before you start the marbling process.
 Take the nail polish and put 2-3 drops of the first color, let it expand then add the next color etc.
You then tape around your nail so you dont get polish all over {even though you still do}
Then you take a toothpick and swirl the colors around until you get desired pattern
{You must tape before because the polish will begin to dry and must be swirled and then the nail dipped quickly after}
Then dip your nail into the water and polish. Use toothpick to swirl extra polish away before pulling nail out.
It should look something like this:
You have to repeat the whole process for each nail, so we started doing 2 nails at a time, and that worked well.
Once all your nails are dry, peel off the tape and use q-tips and 100% pure acetone polish remover to clean up around your nails.
Then add a clear top coat and you are all set!
Yeahh they are balller, we know.

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