25 September 2012

a baby shower

This past weekend was my baby shower. I cannot even begin to say how loved I felt seeing all those amazing women come to support me (and chase) as this new little person enters our family. Im not going to lie it was a little hot outside, even in the shade with the misters going, but it was still such a fun time. Opening all the gifts made everything more real! The little clothes and newborn diapers made me so excited! Its crazy to think how little she will be. Five more weeks!
 She asked where the baby was and I told her in my tummy... 
She looked at me and softly said "did you eat her?"

13 September 2012


Let me just begin by saying that the whole nesting phase has totally kicked in. Baseboards scrubbed, carpet cleaned and room dusted like everyday. Chase is getting annoyed at my constant craziness. But has been a great support and I thank him for that. My baby shower is in a week. I think once that is over with I will feel a lot more prepared to bring this babe home. Since money is so tight right now I have bought next to nothing for her, and once I see what I get from my shower, we can go get the rest of the things this little girl will still need. 
I cannot express how grateful I am to my lovely cousin for all the baby clothes. Her little girl was born last November and she gave me a laundry basket full of clothes from newborn to three months. So we will be set until January... unless my beeb is a little chunker. 
Thirty three weeks means only seven left. That's less than two months. Thats right around the corner. I am terrified of the responsibility this child will bring. And I am so scared that I wont know how to be a good mom and give her what she needs. But I am grateful to be entrusted with this little spirit and promise to do my very best.

04 September 2012

Lovely Lake Powell

Lake Powell is always a good time, no matter how short the stay. There was good food, wonderful company and great weather. Even though me and my preggo belly couldn't wake board or air chair, it was a fabulous labor day indeed. Now for my picture over load...

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