18 July 2012

Woods Canyon Lake

My family always does a big campout every July. Unfortunately this year Chase and I only got to go up for one day, but that one day of nice weather and pine trees was glorious! I'm already excited for next year with our little babe.

12 July 2012

Sugar and Spice

I am going to have a baby girl in less than 4 months. The other night the realization and responsibility of that hit me like a ton of bricks. I am going to be a mother and I am going to be responsible for raising this little person. I don't want to just teach her right from wrong, I want her to be strong and independent. I want her to grow up with pride and self-confidence; two things I didn't gain until I was a junior in high school. I want her to be a lady, but not be afraid to get dirty and have fun. She needs to be loving and kind but be willing to stand up for herself and others. 

It is crazy to think that one day this little girl will get her heart broken, she will be made fun of and laughed at. Girls can be so cruel. She will be left out and hurt by those she believes are her closest friends. My heart aches to think of all these things that she will go through. I wish I could snap my fingers and everything would be easy peasy for her. But it cannot work that way. She has to have these experiences to learn. She needs to have her feelings hurt so she can be more sensitive to the feelings of those around her. These terrible things will help to make her better.

I'm sure Chase and I will make a million mistakes. This is our first time being parents. 
I just pray that what we teach her, through our words and examples, help to prepare her 
and shape her into the lovely person that I feel she is.

i love you already little bean

10 July 2012

A Jumble

Do you think house hunting & job hunting with a babe coming in just 4 months is stressful? Well guys, it is. Very stressful. I think baby can sense that its been a couple rough weeks because the other night while Chase and I were in bed, he put his hand on my belly and babe started kicking us and doing flips. Almost as if to say "you can do it mom and dad." It is nice having Chase home most days. We get to spend more time together than probably any other couple I know. I am sure going to miss this guy when he's back at work and me and baby girl are all cuddled up in bed. Not to rub it in...
I am now almost 24 weeks and am slowly beginning to outgrow my regular clothes. Pants aren't the issue, but shirts are a joke. I feel huge. Carrying around this healthy little muffin in over 100 degree Az weather is an adventure in clothing land (basically an acceptable way of saying I would rather be naked.) It is amazing to me that this babe still has over 5 lbs to grow. A special thanks to my abs for being so stretchy and for letting babe play you like a drum. Your'e the greatest.
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