24 June 2011


I havent blogged about life for a while now. I mean I guess I kinda tell little bits and pieces of whats been going on but nothing too detailed. I know you probably dont care, but I do. This is my journal, I want to look back years from now and read everything ive written. Chase even said I should have my blog published each year. Love that idea. So I am going to start getting a little deeper into whats going on with the Thompson's.
Right now we are kinda struggling. Since Chase broke his leg, he hasnt been able to work. So a lot of pressure and responsibility has been put on me. Now dont get me wrong, I am not trying to complain, I am just stating the facts. So I have applied and gotten a new job and I have an interview tomorrow for another. That will leave me with 3 jobs and a husband to take care of. This is definitely a trial of my patience. Its showing my true colors and some of them arent too purty. So im working on it. I want to be more positive and to always have a smile on my face. People have it so much worse than I do. Some people dont have jobs at all, some have lost their homes, or loved ones. I simply have to work harder. No big deal right? Just a time to grow.
Onto less personal but just as important news.
My best friend/cousin Allyse is having another baby! Her little Kinlee is 17 months right now and her new baby is due November 21. We just found out she is having another girl. I am so excited for her.
Next item of news, One of my best friends, Kenny James, just got home from his mission in Cambodia. Him and Chase boy are two peas in a pod. Like two people couldnt have more in common. It makes me happy and I cannot wait for him to get a wifey so we can be married friends.
Here are some lovely pictures from Allyse's 21st birthday! We ate dinner at BJs and then went bowling. Chase boy's leg was hurting too bad and decided to stay home :/ But we still had fun.
one weeek till utah and lake powell
two weeks till camping

18 June 2011

Article No. 2

I wrote my second article.
check it.

ps I bought the cutest toms today.
and I made a skirt yesterday.
pictures to come.

17 June 2011

Super Sister

Can sister Erin and practically sister Emma stop having amazing voices?
Im jealous.
Ps this was a year ago.
New video coming next weeek.

Regina Spektor's The Call

15 June 2011

I even peed my pants..

Yeahh today we decided to take a walk with our pups. Sounds like a good idea right? Well it wasnt. Especially because my husband is in a wheel chair. It ended up with me being pulled by both our dogs because they saw another dog across the park. I couldnt hold them back but couldnt let go.. two pitbulls running full speed toward you would make anyone nervous. Even though ours are the sweetest dogs alive. Anyway while they were pulling me faster than anyone should ever run, I thought I was going to face plant, I peed, I cried, I sat on Titan until the other dog was no longer in sight. All while a cute little family stared from the play ground, and my husband was trying so hard not to laugh 100 yards away. Embarrassed is an understatement.

10 June 2011

Top 5 for Summer

Okay ladies summer is officially here and so is the need for some shopping. Now who doesnt like the idea of that? This summer's fashion trends are comfy casual but are also great for dressing it up a little nicer, so listen up everyone.
1. Something striped
These have been quite popular for a while now, but bold and bright stripes are perfect for summer apparel. 

2. Wedged heels

Light colored wedges are soo hot right now. And the more straps the better!

3. Turquoise Jewelry
Every girl should own at least one piece of turquoise jewelry this summer. Its just beautiful and can be worn with any outfit.

4. One piece swim suit
That is right ladies, the one piece is back in and oh are they adorable. They are a must have this summer.

5. A light button up, or three
Light weight button ups are perfect casual wear this summer. They are retro chic and can flatter any body style. I recommend every one have at least one in their wardrobe.

There you have it. My top 5 must haves for summer 2011. What is your must have for this summer?

09 June 2011

New Job

So I got a new job. And let me tell you I am so excited. I will now get paid for writing about what I love. And the more readers I get, the better! I am still getting all set up but once I am I will put a link here and I hope all you lovely ladies will send me some love. I am quite nervous about this since I have never really considered myself a writer, but apparently Im good enough to be employed! woohoo. {Insert happy dance here.}

08 June 2011

Our two children

Nali decided she wants to chew on everything that is left on the floor....
so we bought a baby gate.

06 June 2011

Once upon a kiddo

One day when I have kids I will decorate their rooms and all their friends will be jealous.
I cannot wait.

05 June 2011

My Cheap Beauty Regime

Here is a list of the daily beauty care products I use daily.

My hair care routine consists of the following:
I use the body envy because my hair is sooo thin and flat. This gives it a little boost.
I only condition every other day to keep my hair from being too limp and smooth.
I get mine at wal mart.

This stuff is amazing!!! Probably the one thing I cant go without. My hair is dead without it.
This stuff is kind of expensive. Like 22 bukarooos for a tiny little bottle. But I can get it amazingly cheap if anyone is interested. Like 10 dollars cheap. But if you wanna pay full price its available at Ulta.

This is the current hairspray I use, but it makes my hair look dirty wayy faster that normal. So I am in the market. Any suggestions?

My face wash routine:
Cetaphil is wonderful. Its not too harsh but definitely keeps the bumps at a minimum.
I get mine at Wal Mart

Okay I have pretty dry skin and its pretty dang sensitive too, but this Neutrogena face moisturizer is perfect. Not too dry, not too oily. Plus it has sun screen a definite must.
Also at Wal Mart.

This is what I use to remove my eye make up and to soften my lips. It works wonders and lasts forever! Also its dang cheap. {Im totally allergic to all lip gloss/stick soo this is all I can use.}
Cheapest at Wal Mart.

Make up:
First things first. I use Bare Minerals foundation (fairly light). I hate make up and usually only use it to cover unwanted blemishes and zits. I get mine at Ulta but there are many other places that carry it.

Then I use Bare Minerals Foundation (Dark) as my bronzer. The bronzer available is too golden for my complexion, so I improvise. I ALWAYS use bronzer. Even if I don't have any other make up on. It gives a nice glow that I just love.

For my eyes I use Wet n Wild black eye liner. Its cheap, it works and I dont care to use the fancy stuff.
Cheap at Wal Mart.

Ive used this mascara forever and love it. I know there are better kinds out there but this works for me. I use the blackest black and always get it from wal mart *shocker*

And there you have it. My cheap and simple routine.

03 June 2011

She's all growed up!

Welp its official, my little sister Michaela is graduated! Wooohooooooo and happy day. Im sure she is pretty happy about it as is any recent high school graduate. Time to get on with life. With college, dating return missionaries, paying bills and all that jazz. Its weird that my sister is now eligible to get married. Yes I said eligible. here are some pictures of the big night. Excuse the dates on the pictures.....
Congrats baby sis!
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