24 June 2011


I havent blogged about life for a while now. I mean I guess I kinda tell little bits and pieces of whats been going on but nothing too detailed. I know you probably dont care, but I do. This is my journal, I want to look back years from now and read everything ive written. Chase even said I should have my blog published each year. Love that idea. So I am going to start getting a little deeper into whats going on with the Thompson's.
Right now we are kinda struggling. Since Chase broke his leg, he hasnt been able to work. So a lot of pressure and responsibility has been put on me. Now dont get me wrong, I am not trying to complain, I am just stating the facts. So I have applied and gotten a new job and I have an interview tomorrow for another. That will leave me with 3 jobs and a husband to take care of. This is definitely a trial of my patience. Its showing my true colors and some of them arent too purty. So im working on it. I want to be more positive and to always have a smile on my face. People have it so much worse than I do. Some people dont have jobs at all, some have lost their homes, or loved ones. I simply have to work harder. No big deal right? Just a time to grow.
Onto less personal but just as important news.
My best friend/cousin Allyse is having another baby! Her little Kinlee is 17 months right now and her new baby is due November 21. We just found out she is having another girl. I am so excited for her.
Next item of news, One of my best friends, Kenny James, just got home from his mission in Cambodia. Him and Chase boy are two peas in a pod. Like two people couldnt have more in common. It makes me happy and I cannot wait for him to get a wifey so we can be married friends.
Here are some lovely pictures from Allyse's 21st birthday! We ate dinner at BJs and then went bowling. Chase boy's leg was hurting too bad and decided to stay home :/ But we still had fun.
one weeek till utah and lake powell
two weeks till camping

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