26 December 2013

Merriest Christmas

Happiest Holidays from our family to yours!
We hope your Christmas was full of snuggles.

11 December 2013

Some family pictures

We have had 6 inches of snow in our yard for like a week now. Its pretty awesome if you ask me. And Elsie just loves it! She stomps around in her little boots and squats down to get a closer look before putting her hands in. A few seconds go by and starts shaking her hands as fast as she can to get the cold off.
& then she got cold.....

07 December 2013


You guys! Its almost Christmas! I've taken a little break from blogging the last month to spend some much needed time with family. 2 weeks ago we dropped my big little brother off at the MTC, or Missionary Training Center. There he will learn and prepare to serve a full time mission for our church. The fact that he is old enough to go on a mission is insane and I feel like just yesterday we were singing and dancing to Newsies and always losing to him when we played Mario Party. It will be an awesome experience for him and I am thrilled he gets to go on this adventure.

SO its full on winter here in good ol' Utah. Its been snowing all day and I cant say I hate it. I'm just sitting here hot chocolate in hand, with the fireplace to my right, the christmas tree to my left and the blinds wide open so we can stare out the windows at this winter wonderland. Chase's family is all coming to spend Christmas with us and my family will be here the week after. I am crossing my fingers we will get more snow while they are here. Nothing like a white Christmas and I'm so glad we wont have to enjoy it alone.

11 November 2013


I'm not entirely sure what to title this post. Lately I've been having a whirlwind of emotions. Elsie just turned one, and I always said I wanted my children to be pretty close together. 2 years or closer. People are starting to ask when I'm going to have another baby. Its weird how emotional this all is making me. Im sitting here crying just thinking about it. I want Elsie to have a younger brother or sister so badly. But honestly, I am terrified. Not sure if this is normal, but it scares the living daylights out of me thinking about having another baby. The love I have for Elsie is so powerful and consuming. When she fell and we weren't sure if she would be okay, I literally felt like my heart was breaking. She is my entire world! And the thought of doubling that love, that vulnerability, terrifies me to my core. I also find myself wondering how its possible to love Elsie soooo much, and then when I have another baby, I will love that child just as much. Maybe I need someone to tell me they had the same fears after their first child. Maybe its because Chase and I are here in Utah without any of our family. Or maybe I'm just not ready. Maybe in a couple months I'll wake up and know that it is time. I guess I just need to be patient.

06 November 2013

Snow Morning

I wish I could say it was a snow day but it only snowed until about 9:30 and then most of it melted by the afternoon. But when we woke up and saw the frosty white snow covering the trees outside our window, I swear we were like little kids on christmas. We opened the blinds in our front room and just stared at it. Then we took pictures to send to our family waking up to 80 degrees in Arizona. Waiting for Elsie to wake up was taking too long, so we had to wake her up ourselves. We opened her blinds and her face instantly lit up. She didn't know what it was, but even at 1 year old, that stuff was magical. So we put on boots and beanies over our pjs and ran outside. Elsie kept doing her wow face, eyebrows raised, mouth open wide, pointing at everything. Seeing her with such wonder in her eyes was seriously amazing. Such a great Sunday morning.

05 November 2013


You guys!! I'm going to be an aunt! My sister and her husband are having a little beeb. I am beyond excited for them and this new adventure in their life. Plus Elsie now gets a little cousin to play with. I'm crossing my fingers for a girl but only time will tell. Yay!

04 November 2013

Elsie's 1st Birthday Party

 Elsie's party was a huge success! So many of our favorite people showed up to celebrate her first year of life. We had cinnamon rolls, mini pancakes, fruit, and to top it all off Chase's dad made the most amazing breakfast burritos. 

My mom, dad and brother made this "1". It turned out perfect!
Elsie's cake made by my wonderful mother-in-law

She wanted to eat the cake but didn't like it on her hands.

I love my happy girl and am so glad we got to come to Arizona to celebrate her turing one with our friends and family! It was a great day.

01 November 2013

Elsie Turns One

I'm a little late posting this but we've been having way too much fun in Arizona for me to sit down and type it all up. Elsie turned one year old last Thursday. This past year flew by much too fast. It feels like just yesterday I was pacing the halls and counting the seconds between contractions, anxious to meet my baby girl. Now one year later I feel so incredibly blessed to be her mama. She is the brightest, most fun and beautiful little girl. Oh how I wish I could slow down time and take in each and every second. Here are some of my favorite moments from Elsie's actual birthday.
And stick around, an Arizona party post is coming soon!

22 October 2013

Taking Stock

This post is an idea taken from Pip's lovely blog!

Making: funny faces and sounds at Elsie to get the giggles out.
Cooking: enough dinner to have left overs for the next days lunch
Drinking: water, water, water. wishing it was Diet Dr Pepper
Reading: Entirely too many blogs
Wanting: a brilliant idea for Elsie's birthday
Looking: for the perfect combat boot
Playing: with blocks and cheerios
Wasting: the morning away with long bubble baths and story books.
Sewing: a headband and banner for Elsie's party
Wishing: It was the weekend already
Enjoying: Utah's lovely fall weather
Waiting: For Chase to get home
Liking: The Shins Pandora
Wondering: What to make for Dinner
Loving: Bear hugs from my girl
Hoping: for more patience
Marvelling: at the changing leaves and crisp air
Needing: Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate
Smelling: Baby lotion
Wearing: leggings and an over sized tee
Following: baby feet all through the house
Noticing: the sleepy dogs on their bed
Knowing: I am the luckiest
Thinking: about packing for Arizona
Feeling: excited and anxious
Bookmarking: boots!
Opening: Elsie's present so soon!
Giggling: all day every day. oh this girl of mine.
Feeling: blessed.

15 October 2013

Sweater Weather

This weekend we got to have Chase's sister and her husband come stay with us. We took them to our favorite spot up the mountain and we took the trip up to Hyrum for our cousin's baby blessing. I didn't get any pictures but I got to spend all day monday with Chase's sweet grandma before her flight left. It was a great weekend with family that was MUCH needed. Thanks for coming!

14 October 2013

Enchanted Lilly Giveaway: CLOSED

Oh boy do I have a treat for you all today! I'd like you all to meet Sarah, the creative mind behind Enchanted Lilly! She makes some of the most adorable headbands I have ever seen! She does them for babies, toddlers and adults! Not to mention she has a matching set for a little girl and her doll. Swoon! 

Anyways I am going to let Sarah tell you some fun facts about herself and her cute family!

1. I grew up in the smallest town ever and graduated with a class of 10.
2. My fabulous mom taught me to sew when I was very young.
3. I have 2 beautiful older sisters who I look up to and they inspire me.
4. My husband loves hearing all my crazy new inventions and ideas. I have two adorable children Lilly (4) and Gunnar (1).
5. I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my kiddos and I get to take care of my adorable niece and nephew during the day.
6. A trip to Target by myself with a Starbucks is a vacation.
7. I love to sew and create late at night while the kids are sleeping.
8. I was homeschooled Kindergarden-6th grade.
9. Guilty pleasure- buying nummy coffee from Starbucks and Caribou any chance I get!
10. Favorite Stores-Target and Anthropologie
11. I knit in the fall and winter
12. I love birthdays! Everything about them! Balloons, cake, candles, and surprises! 
13. I love God! He is amazing! I have so much to be thankful for!
14. I like to bake
15. I have 8 nieces and nephews and 2 more on the way! They are so adorable!
16. I went to college at North Dakota State University and majored in Apperal and Textiles with a minor in Communication.
17. I love doing hair and makeup
18. I started making fun headbands after my daughter Lilly was born. The name Enchanted Lilly was inspired by her. 
19. Fall is my favorite season! I love the smell in the air, beautiful colors in the leaves, carmel apples, and pumpkin spice lattes.
20. My favorite TV show is Nashville

Now that we have all gotten to know each other, allow me to explain the rules of the giveaway! 
Visit Enchanted Lilly on etsy and leave a comment here saying which headband you would pick if you won. Winner will be announced Monday October 14th!

Additional entires:
Follow Enchanted Lilly on Instagram
& Like on Facebook
Be sure to let me know by leaving a comment!

Kimberly Wesolowski!
E-mail Sarah at enchantedlilly8@gmail.com to let her know you won and which headband you would like. Congrats!

11 October 2013

Morning Stroll

{headband from Enchanted Lilly}

I don't know what it is about this town, but I am in love with it. Elsie and I have been going on lots of walks and I seriously can't get enough of it. The leaves are changing and falling from the trees, when the wind blows you hear them scattering across the streets and sidewalks. There was a group of crows in our neighbors walnut tree, they were taking turns knocking a walnut to the ground in hopes of it breaking open, revealing the treasure inside. The old sidewalks and huge trees make for an interesting path. Sometimes the sidewalk has huge holes or steps caused from the settling of the earth underneath. Elsie squeals with delight as I push her over all the bumps. My favorite is the huge trees that will cover the entire walkway, only allowing small slivers of sun to peak through. And oh the houses!! This area has some of the cutest houses you ever did see. Old brick homes with vines and flowers everywhere, cute front porches that are screaming for you to go sit on them with a hot chocolate and a good book. One house in particular has grape vines completely surrounding their front yard. You guys, the smell is AMAZING. I walk past as slowly as I can and sometimes grab a grape or two. Though tempted to grab an entire bushel, I refrain. And the best part of the walk is looking down to see my baby girl, now almost one year old, fast asleep on her stroller. It's the little things. Oh Utah, you're stealing my heart. Shhh don't tell Arizona...

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