11 October 2013

Morning Stroll

{headband from Enchanted Lilly}

I don't know what it is about this town, but I am in love with it. Elsie and I have been going on lots of walks and I seriously can't get enough of it. The leaves are changing and falling from the trees, when the wind blows you hear them scattering across the streets and sidewalks. There was a group of crows in our neighbors walnut tree, they were taking turns knocking a walnut to the ground in hopes of it breaking open, revealing the treasure inside. The old sidewalks and huge trees make for an interesting path. Sometimes the sidewalk has huge holes or steps caused from the settling of the earth underneath. Elsie squeals with delight as I push her over all the bumps. My favorite is the huge trees that will cover the entire walkway, only allowing small slivers of sun to peak through. And oh the houses!! This area has some of the cutest houses you ever did see. Old brick homes with vines and flowers everywhere, cute front porches that are screaming for you to go sit on them with a hot chocolate and a good book. One house in particular has grape vines completely surrounding their front yard. You guys, the smell is AMAZING. I walk past as slowly as I can and sometimes grab a grape or two. Though tempted to grab an entire bushel, I refrain. And the best part of the walk is looking down to see my baby girl, now almost one year old, fast asleep on her stroller. It's the little things. Oh Utah, you're stealing my heart. Shhh don't tell Arizona...

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