06 October 2010

Its about time...

I havent blogged in what... 8 months? Yeahh its about time.
The past months have been wonderful yet terrible.
Here is the wonderful:
The oh so fabulous summer weather
Swimming in our newly finished pool
Spending time with my lovely boyy
New Job (juggling 6 kids and school was a nightmare)
Reuniting with the fabulous Kaitlin Gray and family
Now for the terrible:
I am back in school and so is Chase.
My kidney is still broken
Still searching for a car
Allyse is in Virginia
The good definitely outweighs the bad. So why is it that the bad seems to be what i focus on? Anyway. I had another kidney flare up yesterday. Mom came to the rescue with my pain meds from when I had my surgery. Thank heavens for her. I have an appointment Tuesday October 12th to see what needs to be done so I dont end up in the hospital again.
oh oh oh! new project.. I got an old nightstand, picture frame and lamp that i am going to fix up. The nightstand will be a chore, sanding and stripping.. but it will be worth it in the end :) I havent decided the color yet. But when i figure it out ill be posting the before and afters. Miss Haleigh i will be needing your help when i decide to do reupholstering. I saw the cutest little chair at goodwill. Welp im off for the next 8 months........
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