20 March 2014

Home Tour: Bathroom

Now its probably weird to feature a bathroom on a home tour... But I really like our bathroom. We have another bathroom in the master bedroom but it is so small. So that bathroom is Chase's and this bathroom is Mine & Elsie's. Plus its the bathroom any guests would use. Enjoy!!
This is the view from the hall. Rugs are from IKEA and are AMAZING!
Shower curtain was a lucky find at Ross. Frame and Plants from IKEA.
I love the look of this vanity, but in the future I would definitely want cupboards instead of open space beneath the sink.
Towel rack from IKEA. If you guys havent noticed yet I am obsessed with IKEA.
'Get Naked' vinyl made by my mother in law.

Im not sure which room will be next. The guest room and master still need some work... Stay tuned to find out!

17 March 2014

Home Tour: Kitchen

Our kitchen is so small with limited counter space and an extremely tiny sink. But its ohh so pretty. The previous owners redid the entire thing with ikea cupboards, a beautiful tile backsplash, and granite counter tops.
We hung cups hooks and a paper towel holder from the bottom of the cupboards so we would have no wasted space. You can also see through to the laundry room in this picture... not sure if ill do a tour of that, we will see.
We got this butcher block island from IKEA. Keeping the microwave and my bosch on the lower shelf is a huge help in keeping the counters open. Chef Thompson statue is from Chase's friend Jesse.
Close up of the backsplash and my Valentines flowers I just cant seem to get rid of. Oh and don't mind the full sink, I didn't feel like doing the dishes.
Best idea ever. Use IKEA spice rack to hold cookbooks. And a hook for all my cute aprons.
This is the other side of the kitchen... We really have no room for a table. But we have a plan. We are going to build in a cute little breakfast nook. The bench will line the wall in that corner and i'll have beautiful open shelving above it for all my dishes that deserve to be shown off
The last thing is my lovely magnet calendar that was made by my mother in law and grandma. Its perfect for holding random pictures and all the wedding invites or cards we get. There are coordinating paper and title for each month and its always fun to change it out.

Thanks for exploring my kitchen with me and stay tuned for the next room!

11 March 2014

Home Tour: Living Room

When we first moved into our house we didn't have one speck of living room furniture. Like none... So my Grandma sent up and old pink velvet rocking chair and my aunt (that so graciously let us live with her while we waited for our closing date) gave us her old couch. Then we found an old beat up coffee table and two side tables for $20 at a garage sale. So we got those to add to the mess. I wish SOO badly I had a before picture, but I was too embarrassed to take one. Plus I hated the room so much that we never really spent any time in there! Well not anymore. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you our new and improved living room!
Basically everything here besides the piano and chest are from IKEA. That cedar chest Chase got before his mission. He told me he picked one he thought his future wife would like. OH and don't mind the empty frame... its a constant reminder to get family pictures taken.
Couch was a steal of a deal from costco. Curtains, pillows and throws from IKEA.
Rocking Chair was originally red with bears painted on it. It was Chase's moms when she was a girl, and was passed through all her kids. Chase's dad refinished it for Elsie and she loves it.
picture ledges and frames from IKEA. Ampersand from Hobbie Lobby.
We are eventually going to hang a TV over the fireplace. But for now this will do. Frames are all old.
Antlers we found. Wedding bouquet=wilted...
And this is our mail box. BEST THING EVER. The mail man walks right up to our door and sticks it here so I don't have to leave the house to get it.

And that wraps up the living room. Next up, the kitchen!

07 March 2014

Happiness is....

waking up to your best friend every morning and giving dragon breath kisses cause you love each other that much.

sleepy baby face and wild hair. so excited that its morning and time to play.

hot chocolate with peppermint. but just one mug because its better to share.

pulling open all the curtains and letting the sunshine in. natural light is good for the soul.

two dogs at your feet waiting for you to drop a piece of your left over pasta.

the silence that comes with nap time. sometimes its the time to be productive. sometimes its nap time for grown ups too.

hearing 'mommmyyyyyy' from the next room. and knowing she cant open the door herself yet.

husband will be home soon and dinner will be ready to eat.

baby girl grabbing your hand, guiding you outside.

crisp air and soft grass. lawn chairs and a game of catch.

a glance and smile from your best friend and sole mate. you love him. he knows.

bubble baths before bed time and the small of lavender.

still grabbing her christmas jammies because its so darn cute when she says 'ho, ho, ho'.

warm covers. the office. laying on his chest.

kisses that lead to more, that lead to more.....

and you guys, thats just one day out of eternity.

Happiness is life.

03 March 2014

Home Tour: Elsie's Room

I'm off to Arizona today but before I go I want to leave you with the first post of my home tour! I decided I will do it room by room and first up is Elsie's room because its pretty much my favorite room of the house....
Almost everything in Elsie's room was something I already had. Somethings I painted or fixed up and others I left just the way they were. I love how it turned out.
I found Elsie's cute curtains here for quite the steal! Banner was DIY'ed for her first birthday.
Elsie's bed was a hand-me-down from our cousins. Art from IKEA. JellyCat puppy found here. Blanket made by moi.
Baby cradle was a gift for her first birthday made by Chase's Grandpa Woods and sister Kassidee. Rocking chair was a garage sale find. Rug on rocking chair here.
Picture frames are all old and repainted. Owl cup was a goodwill find that I spray painted gold. Little Red Riding Hood found here. Elsie's book of letters made on Shutterfly.com. 
Bookshelf here.
Wooden Pencils and 'E' found at TJ Maxx. Wooden toys from IKEA. Banner DIY'ed

Hope you enjoyed Elsie Mae's room. Next up is the newly remodeled front room!

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