07 March 2014

Happiness is....

waking up to your best friend every morning and giving dragon breath kisses cause you love each other that much.

sleepy baby face and wild hair. so excited that its morning and time to play.

hot chocolate with peppermint. but just one mug because its better to share.

pulling open all the curtains and letting the sunshine in. natural light is good for the soul.

two dogs at your feet waiting for you to drop a piece of your left over pasta.

the silence that comes with nap time. sometimes its the time to be productive. sometimes its nap time for grown ups too.

hearing 'mommmyyyyyy' from the next room. and knowing she cant open the door herself yet.

husband will be home soon and dinner will be ready to eat.

baby girl grabbing your hand, guiding you outside.

crisp air and soft grass. lawn chairs and a game of catch.

a glance and smile from your best friend and sole mate. you love him. he knows.

bubble baths before bed time and the small of lavender.

still grabbing her christmas jammies because its so darn cute when she says 'ho, ho, ho'.

warm covers. the office. laying on his chest.

kisses that lead to more, that lead to more.....

and you guys, thats just one day out of eternity.

Happiness is life.

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