11 March 2014

Home Tour: Living Room

When we first moved into our house we didn't have one speck of living room furniture. Like none... So my Grandma sent up and old pink velvet rocking chair and my aunt (that so graciously let us live with her while we waited for our closing date) gave us her old couch. Then we found an old beat up coffee table and two side tables for $20 at a garage sale. So we got those to add to the mess. I wish SOO badly I had a before picture, but I was too embarrassed to take one. Plus I hated the room so much that we never really spent any time in there! Well not anymore. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you our new and improved living room!
Basically everything here besides the piano and chest are from IKEA. That cedar chest Chase got before his mission. He told me he picked one he thought his future wife would like. OH and don't mind the empty frame... its a constant reminder to get family pictures taken.
Couch was a steal of a deal from costco. Curtains, pillows and throws from IKEA.
Rocking Chair was originally red with bears painted on it. It was Chase's moms when she was a girl, and was passed through all her kids. Chase's dad refinished it for Elsie and she loves it.
picture ledges and frames from IKEA. Ampersand from Hobbie Lobby.
We are eventually going to hang a TV over the fireplace. But for now this will do. Frames are all old.
Antlers we found. Wedding bouquet=wilted...
And this is our mail box. BEST THING EVER. The mail man walks right up to our door and sticks it here so I don't have to leave the house to get it.

And that wraps up the living room. Next up, the kitchen!

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