30 April 2012

Wedding Weekend

can you see the baby bump!? its growin'
I had the lovely opportunity to go to the wedding of these two love birds this weekend.
It was beautiful and such a sweet ceremony. Dinner was scrumptious as well.
My little sister, Erin, sang the Ella Mae Bowen cover of I Need a Hero. 
Still not sure where she came from, not to mention her voice. Im jealous.
Anyway, Congrats Kerry & Justin!

22 April 2012

One year older and wiser too

Today was this hottie's birthday.
The big 2-5
I love love love him and that we get to be together foreverr!
here are some of my favorite pictures of us:

This is our first picture together. It was taken through the fire so sorrry its blurry!
Okay there are like 100 more so we will leave it at that. 

I love you mister. Happy growing old together.

18 April 2012

10 things

This week marks the end of my first trimester. I am finally starting to feel normal again! I swear these 12 weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy. A dizzy, nauseous, always sleepy, every smell makes me gag, and every rude comment makes me cry, kinda crazy. But into the second trimester we go and goodbye to hormonal erika... for a least a few months i hope, for chase's sake.

Things I've learned while growing this babe:

1. Eggo waffles are the next best thing after cold cereal.

2. Soda tastes wayy better when you know you probably shouldn't be drinking it.

3. According to baby book, a small plum is half and inch? Not sure how that works

4. Target is the best store, for everything.

5. Sometimes the doctor makes you wait over 30 minutes on the examination table with 32 oz of water in your bladder. Clean up in room 5

6. Careful when you sneeze, or a change of pants will be necessary.

7. If you don't take a nap, you will fall asleep at 8 o'clock.

8. Baby shopping isn't fun when you don't know the gender.

9. Every baby you see will make you tear up. You're gonna have one of those in just a few short months!

10. The girls are growing at rapid speed. Husband is thrilled.

17 April 2012


Yesterday my cousin invited me to have lunch at Joe's Farm Grill. It was a beautiful day and I loved catching up with my soon to be cousin-in-law who is in town finalizing everything for her wedding (which is in less than 2 weeks! yay). After lunch we walked over to the coffee shop for some cupcakes and chai tea. My tummy was full and happy. Let's do it again soon ladies!


16 April 2012

Heart Strings

I got to take pictures of my cute cousin's family while husband, Nick, was in town. 
I have learned so much from this lovely momma. 
I am so grateful for her in my life and seriously cannot wait for my little one 
and her two pretties to be the very best of friends.
love you poook

02 April 2012

baby baby

You guys! You all rock. Thank you all for the sweet words and the many congrats yesterday and today. We are really feeling the love and are beyond excited, though it is still a little bit surreal.

This is pretty much the reason ive been so MIA the past little bit. Its like beyond impossible to blog when you have such a big secret that you want to share soo badly! I wanted to wait till I was showing to do a post but I recently found out that I might not show until almost 20 weeks because I'm so tall and there was no way I was gonna stay away from the lovely blog world another 4 months.
Plus, baby making is hard work. Ive had quite a few down days these past almost three months. Big tshirts and saltine crackers are so not picture worthy! Plus I'm like 100x more awkward now (is that possible?) Ill be sure to fill y'all in on the awesomeness that goes with having a little person growing and squishing your insides.

Now for some details: were about 10 weeks along. One fourth of the way there! This makes babe due around the end of October. It feels forever away but at the same time right around the corner. I'm gonna be a mom guys! Baby is almost two inches tall right now. So the size of a small cutie or plum. I am seriously so excited to finally start showing. I'm trying to do all I can to stay healthy and ensure this little cutie is growing and developing like intended. I haven't gained any weight yet but I'm mentally preparing for the day I wake up and none of my pants fit and I totally feel like a toad. Gosh I cannot wait.

For those of you who have not seen what a baby looks like the first few weeks after conception is in for a lovely surprise one day... because it looks more like a little alien than a baby. Its kinda creepy. Babes have fins before the hands and feet form and they have a tail, A TAIL, until like 11 weeks. Dude its like crazy up in there.

Lastly, we are definitely finding out what the gender is. We're thinking girl at this point, along with pretty much everyone else that we know. 5ish weeks and we will know for sure. Im crossing my fingers he/she has red curls like Chase... eeee grow baby grow.

01 April 2012

hello little cutie.

We're thrilled you could make it.
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