18 February 2013

Blessing Day

Sunday we had the opportunity to bless Elsie in our home. Moments like these make me appreciate my family and friends on such a deeper level. So many of them came to show their love and support. I am so grateful for them all. And for Chase... ohh boy that husband of mine has a way with words. It was the sweetest blessing I've ever heard. I love this little family of mine.

11 February 2013

Best Friends

She loves him and he loves her even more.
He is her dog already.
Melts my heart.

10 February 2013

a little shower

So I've been incredible busy lately. My lovely sister in law is getting married and I have been named the wedding planner. Its been so much fun putting all our ideas together to create just what she wants. This last week was her Bridal Shower. Let me just say that everything turned out awesome! 
My mother in law made this cake. Is there anything she can't do!?
cream pie + cheesecake in mason jars.
Two weeks till they seal the deal!

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