15 June 2015

The happiest place on earth

To say that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth would be an understatement. We've always loved all things Disney, and taking our kids and seeing the excitement and wonder in Elsie's eyes as she met characters and rode the rides... its something else you guys. Something so wonderful that we cannot wait to get back there and do it all again!

sunday funday

Huntington beach is where Chase proposed, its where we went right before Elsie was born, and its the first beach we took the kids to. It holds a special place in my heart.

17 April 2015

April Snow

Since we were in Arizona for the only big snow storms this year, we had to take advantage of the random April snow day. It was 75 degrees the day before and up in the 60s the day after. But on that one day of snow we sledded around the yard and built a snowman. It was glorious!


Easter was a good one this year. Elsie loved finding the Easter eggs and Bingham loved sucking on them. We tried to teach Elsie why we celebrate Easter, but it went over her head... So we simplified it and told her that Easter is for Jesus because he loves us and we love him. That seemed to stick. 

09 February 2015

The Luckiest

Chase's alarm went off at 7:30 this morning. He snoozed once before getting up. We could hear Elsie, who was already awake and playing in her room. I rolled out of bed to get Chase's lunch together and make him a quick breakfast before he left for the day.
While I was buttering french toast, this feeling of guilt ran through me. Like a knot in my stomach almost. Chase is getting ready to leave and work for us all day long. And me, well I get to stay home, in my pajamas if i want to, and watch (play with) the kids. I'm not going to lie, being a stay at home mom is frustrating and hard, and some days I have to lock myself in the bathroom for a while just to escape.
But I am SO lucky.
We can climb into bed and watch a movie, walk to the park, or play with blocks. I get to make lunch and sing songs and potty train. I can't even imagine having to put my kids in daycare, or have them babysat all day 5 times a week. I know there are tons of families that do it, and it works for them. But I am just so grateful that I don't have to.
I am so grateful for Chase. He is the best husband I could ever ask for. He goes to work everyday so I can stay home with the kids. He never complains. Ever.
I am also blessed to have the opportunity to work from home for Designer Blogs. Because I want to. I get to be creative and productive during nap time. It's like a quick recharge before the hooligans wake up and were back to making cookies in Elsie's play kitchen.
Everyday is all about these kiddos and I am so glad I get to stay home and be the one helping make memories of their childhood.

28 January 2015

2 months

Bingham is almost three months old. Time is literally flying by. Its scary. Anywho, Bingham is 2 months old. He loves to sit up and look at everything going on around him. He loves to be talked to and will always show you with wide open mouth smiles and his deep raspy coos. He is such a little boy. Not one feminine thing about him. He likes tummy time but also likes to roll from him tummy to back. I think its a game... I lay him down and he see's how quickly he can roll himself over. But then he wants flipped back to his stomach so he can do it again. I've never seen such a happy kid. Always smiling and contently checking out the world around him. He will smile for just about anyone... but he saves the best ones for his mama. Its like he is so excited to see me he is going to burst. There's something different about the way a boy loves his mom. I always knew Elsie loved me, and I love her more than I could ever describe. But this little boy loves and is loved in a whole different way. I'm sure each child will be like that I guess... Well here are some pictures of my favorite little guy.

09 January 2015

Photo Dump

I've been terrible at blogging this past year. Like the worst. SO I am going to try and blog once a week for 2015. Even if i just post pictures ive taken recently. I want to document more of what happening in our lives right now, because it is so dang good. I never want to forget.

So here's pictures from our time down in AZ for Christmas and our mini Christmas here in Utah when we got back
^^Chase gave Bingham a blessing down in AZ. Watching Chase be a dad to Elsie has been so wonderful and fulfilling... watching him be a dad to Bing has been amazing in a completely new and different way. Gosh I love him.
^^my awesome sisters
^^My dad and his two granddaughters. 
^^Elsie and Grandma
^^left: uncle trent teaching elsie the drums right:our TWO kids watching a movie before bed
^^Elsie with her Christmas present and Bingham loving tummy time
^^115 pieces of food. I hate it already.
^^Riding her moose and rolling around being the goof she is.

Hopefully youll be hearing from me again soon and i can stick to this atleast once a week thing..
wish me luck.
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