09 January 2015

Photo Dump

I've been terrible at blogging this past year. Like the worst. SO I am going to try and blog once a week for 2015. Even if i just post pictures ive taken recently. I want to document more of what happening in our lives right now, because it is so dang good. I never want to forget.

So here's pictures from our time down in AZ for Christmas and our mini Christmas here in Utah when we got back
^^Chase gave Bingham a blessing down in AZ. Watching Chase be a dad to Elsie has been so wonderful and fulfilling... watching him be a dad to Bing has been amazing in a completely new and different way. Gosh I love him.
^^my awesome sisters
^^My dad and his two granddaughters. 
^^Elsie and Grandma
^^left: uncle trent teaching elsie the drums right:our TWO kids watching a movie before bed
^^Elsie with her Christmas present and Bingham loving tummy time
^^115 pieces of food. I hate it already.
^^Riding her moose and rolling around being the goof she is.

Hopefully youll be hearing from me again soon and i can stick to this atleast once a week thing..
wish me luck.

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