11 January 2013

happy two years to ya

The feelings I get when seeing you with our baby... talking to her, singing to her. It melts my heart. You are a wonderful husband to me and now you're the best dad in the world. Things haven't always been easy, and I'm sure there are more rain clouds ahead. But I know you'll just tell me to stop whining about getting my hair wet, as you swing me around like were little kids. You get me. and I thank you for that. Happy Anniversary.

A Holiday Recap

Its mid January and I am just now getting around to a holiday post... SO ill make it short and to the point. Christmas was wonderful. I surprised Chase for the first time ever, which is HUUGE based on the fact that my big mouth doesn't do secrets and especially not surprises...

My lovely gift
Chase's manly gift
 Hottest dad around
 I love my little family

New Years was spent with some of our favorite people. We played games, ate chocolate cake, and drank as much sparkling cider as humanly possible. Because that's what you do right? Once midnight hit we lit sparklers, did some smooches and toasted to the new year ahead.

It was a lovely time indeed.

resolutions coming soon

04 January 2013

Sometimes im too busy to blog

The last 2 weeks have been the best kind of busy. Between the holidays and our multiple trips, I haven't had time to sit down and fill you in on all our festivities. So I'll check in from the dunes with a quick hello and a promise to write a real post, with lots of pictures, very soon! Hopefully these will hold you over for now... Happy 2013 all!

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