31 March 2013


This being Elsie's first Easter, you'd think we would do something special... on the contrary! We figured this would be our last Easter we could get away with not doing anything before Elsie understood what was going on. So we didn't really do anything special. We did however take a 2 hour nap, which was a lovely and much needed Easter miracle.

12 March 2013

Blogging Block

I havent been in much of a blogging mood... For the past 8 months my husband has been looking for work. He got an awesome job the month after he graduated and it all seemed too good to be true. Well turns out it was. The company that hired him had been hiring recent graduates when there was a lot of work, and then would let them go as soon as work slowed down again. 5 months after he began working there they started telling him that he wouldn't need to come in the next day, or that he could leave early. By June it was "we will call you when we need you" and on July first, they informed him he would no longer be needed.

When he got that job we thought it would be the start of our new life. We talked about buying a house and having babies. Little did we know a little girl was already on the way. We had big plans! I spent hours on pinterest looking for room and decor ideas and I began laying out each bedroom in my head. Lucky for us we didn't find a house we wanted or we would have a mortgage and no way to pay it.

Now, almost 9 months later, we still don't have work. Chase has applied at every company you can think of with no luck. We have had a few companies fly us out for interviews. One company was very interested and began talking about the projects they wanted Chase to work on. But like all the other jobs that looked even somewhat promising, it fell through.

These past months have been pretty trying, but the past two weeks have been the hardest. Its so frustrating that its been so long and we just cant seem to catch a break. If Chase wasn't such a saver, we would have nothing right now. But each month we get an email informing us that we spent more than we put into our checking account. I should probably deactivate that feature, its more depressing than anything else.

I cannot help but wonder what we are doing wrong. Why do we deserve this? What are we supposed to learn though all this? Being positive is usually something that comes fairly easy for me, but I find myself pouting about not having a home to decorate, or money to spend without having to hold my breath while I swipe my card. I often go to target, fill my cart with the things we need then stand there by the check out line for a couple minutes before hurrying out to my car {leaving the full cart just sitting there in the middle of the store} blinking as fast as I can to fight the tears.

But I guess on the bright side I get to hang out with my husband every single day. And we have the cutest little girl on the planet. That part rocks. Let's focus on that....

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