30 November 2012

Elsie's birth annoucement
& now some of my favorites from Elsie's newborn shoot
Cant believe she is now 5 weeks old! Stay little baby girl.

29 November 2012

McDowell Family Pics

Here are some lovelies from our family pictures. I have such a purty family.

23 November 2012


This Thanksgiving I was over come with gratitude for everything in my life.
My amazing husband.
Our sweet little baby.
Extended family.
Great food.
It was a great day indeed.

17 November 2012


Our little Elsie is 3 1/2 weeks old. This past almost month has been amazing and amazingly stressful at the same time. I wont lie, quite a few tears have been shed. Breast feeding is no walk in the park. I read all the books thinking that I would know exactly what to do and that it wouldn't be any big deal. Well it is hard; and not just because I live in three hour increments between feedings. It is very uncomfortable... actually its straight painful. Toe curling, teeth clenching painful. And it doesn't help when I am complaining about how hard it has been, and you tell me how easy it was for you from the get go. That doesn't make me feel better, actually it kind of makes it worse. So I read more books, but no matter how much I learn I am not the only one learning... baby has to learn too. Sometimes she does wonderfully! But other times it is quite the struggle and for some reason she always chooses to be difficult at her 3am feeding. The combination of sleepiness, changing hormones, and sore boobies results in one emotional momma. Chase has been amazing at keeping me sane. His constant encouragement and appreciation has literally been the crutch holding me up. I cannot imagine doing it without him. I am also incredibly grateful for all the friends and family that have praised me for keeping at it and assuring that it does get easier and that it will be worth it. Thank you all so much.

01 November 2012


Today is little Elsie's due date. But instead of being at the hospital we are at home loving on our one week old. This past week has been a wonderful one. I cant believe our little girl is already one week old! I want time to just slow down so I can take in every moment.
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