31 March 2011

Run Forrest Run

I started running this past week and let me tell you, there is nothing you can type into pandora that will result in a good running playlist. I made a Remember the Name station and when eminem came on I almost threw my phone on the ground. No thank you. So I would love to get good running song ideas from you lovely ladies so I can make a playlist that wont make me want to choke myself with my headphone cord. It would be much appreciated. Ta-ta pretties.

29 March 2011

Change of plans

Last night Chase began talking to me about what I want to do with my life. I told him I wanted to be a stay at home mom and be creative all day. He then asked me why I am going to school for physical therapy. I realized I had no idea! I can't be a stay at home mom and do physical therapy.. I mean yeah they make good money but my heart was not in it. So he suggested interior design. I complained that its more about architecture than anything else, I had thought about this before but ruled it out and I couldn't draw.. But for some reason I got really excited about it and began looking at major maps for interior design. At first I became pretty discouraged. It was looking like only 7 of my classes would transfer, making me a year behind schedule. But I was really feeling this interior design thing so I kept looking for more options.
Then I found design management. This degree is more broad than interior design and is good for design and event planning and ohh my gosh planning weddings is a dream of mine! Plus every single one of my classes transfers. (I Caused quite a scene in my class when I figured this one out...) so I am only 3 courses behind schedule and summer school can fix that right up. Coincidence? I think not! I am so excited to start my new adventure! And I'm grateful for my husband knowing me better than I know myself. Loves.


Death is a funny thing. Everyone dies but the timing is everything. When someone's life is ended suddenly when all seemed fine, its a horrible and tragic thing. Or when someone gets cancer, death is still a sad and scary thing but usually ends lots of pain and suffering. But when someone lived to be 94 years old and had a great life, death is just the next step..
My great grandpa, Wilbur Shill Stewart, died Monday morning at 1am. We all knew it was coming for a few days. He wouldn't eat and although he was still alive, he wasn't there. He is now in heaven with his wife and daughter. I'm sure it is a wonderful reunion. I can just see him skipping around enjoying the use of his leg he didn't have for so many years of his life here on earth. We miss and love you and can't wait to see you again.

27 March 2011


Why is it that church has been almost impossible to sit through since being married? I feel so out of place. I am barely older than the laurels in young women and yet i am grouped with the married women that almost  all have kids. I know that I can learn so much from these women, but I cant seem to bring myself to even stay and give them a chance. We usually find our way out to the car after sacrament meeting. I know that if I knew even one person that I could sit by in relief society everything would be fine. I dont know why that is such an issue for me now because I had no problem with sitting alone when I decided to start going to singles ward. I didnt know anyone! Maybe it was because we were all in the same boat? All single and looking for that special someone... even though I was not yet looking very hard. Whatever the reason, sitting alone in the singles ward never kept me from going to church. I need that same determination now. It doesnt help that the husband usually has TONS of homework and could use those extra hours...
Today (after we left church early) I decided that we can no longer leave church early. I know that relief society holds a special spirit that I have been missing out on. I know that our lives will be blessed if we stay, even when we are sleepy and/or hungry. I know that we will be glad every time we stay. So know we just need to do it.
Thank goodness next Sunday is conference so we get one more grace week...

ps this is what Sunday looks like at our place:
Yes our dogs love each other.
Yes homework takes up most of our free time.
No there's no me picture. I took a nap today.

23 March 2011

Mrs Smarty Pants

I made three dozen sugar cookies last night and they are amazing let me tell you.
Anyways, Tuesday while I was working for this family I offered to take some old furniture that has just been sitting upstairs. It has been taking up their upstairs tv/play area for a few months now and I knew they wouldn't mind. So Friday Chase and I are going to pick it up and I am going to make it my project! There are two dressers, one tall and one shorter and longer and a little night stand. I'm gonna sand them down and paint them all. I'm not sure what color yet... Maybe yellow? I dunno. I'll post before and after for sure!

19 March 2011


Tonight we decided to make this awesome dinner with ribs, mashed potatoes, veggies and to top it all off I was going to make some sugar cookies. Well the ribs took way longer than we thought and turns out we cooked them wrong. So they were chewy and hard to eat. Then I made my sugar cookies with blue bonnet instead of butter so they were too sticky, but i thought i had just not added the last cup of flour. So i added another cup, rolled em all out and stuck them in the oven. Then i made the frosting (also with blue bonnet) and once i put the frosting on the first cookie and tried it i almost threw up. It was WAY too much flour and the frosting tasted just like the blue bonnet.... it was gross. So we ate otter-pops the rest of the night. Boo. Ill have to redeem myself tomorrow.

18 March 2011


This week we got to go to California! My lovely sister's dance group performed at Carnation Plaza right in the middle of Disneyland. Unfortunately she got sick on the way up and the whole first day at Disneyland. She was quite the pooper. Luckily after she performed and got a good nights sleep she felt much better! 
It was a great trip. Third time going to Disneyland in 5 months! We will now be taking a break from Disneyland for at least a year. My feet are killing me!

10 March 2011

vanilla & chocolate please

Helllo there. Do you like the new do? Ive been saying im going to add brown into my hair for a while and I finally did it! My lovely sister in law Kirsten does a wonderful job. Ya like? Hit her up: 928.243.8757 despite the area code she lives here in Arizona and would love new clients.
My spring break started today at two and i got the opportunity to catch up with my friend Kylie Mangum. We went to Paradise Bakery and ended up staying for three hours just chatting! This is one of those girls that is always so much fun. We have the relationship were we could not talk for months and randomly decide to hangout and we pick right back up where we left off. Its wonderful. She was my first friend at Basha High and we have had some great times together....
Okay there are a million Kylie and Erika pictures to choose from so i will stop there. But today was great and we wont be waiting months again before out next outing.

On a side note. I just found out that my surgery is scheduled for April 22nd. CHASE'S BIRTHDAY. I am so mad but there is nothing I can do about it. But i have a plan that Kylie helped me think of and if all goes as planned he will still have an awesome birthday :)

08 March 2011


For the past 3 nights our bath has been empty. That's right folks there have been no bubble baths at the Thompson home. Our water heater decided to poop out on us. Lucky for us the other side of the house has a separate water heater so we can shower. But there is no bathtub over there. SO husband tried an experiment. Okay this is probably as white trash that you can get so I am a little hesitant to tell you.. okay fine! He took four hoses and connected them all, hooked it up to the shower with the hot water and dragged it across the whole house and into our bathtub. Bummer for us the water doesnt get near hot enough and it fills up SO SLOW. So we are still bathless and it is horrible. Hopefully we can get it fixed this week so we wont have to watch 30Rock in bed ugh. okay im done.
Ta ta pretties!

04 March 2011


just so everyone knows i am now officially:
Erika Inez Thompson
{i just did a happy dance}
now to get my new license so we can join bank accounts and all that married stuff. oh! cousin Kaitlin goes through the temple to tomorrow morning and she invited Chase and I. its going to be such a great experience. plus we get to go to gecko grill after mmmmmm. i cannot wait.

have a fabulous weekend

03 March 2011

my very own awkward and awesome thursday

-the mom of the kids i nanny coming home after i took 2 hydrocodon for my back pain. no im not okay.... im grrreat.
-walking into class late after the teacher lectured the rest of the class about the importance of being on time. okay everyone stare at the late girl.
-wearing sandals when all your toes are painted except your big toes.
-a death glare from the librarian when my cell phone goes off. i quickly silence it but a minute later decides to goes off again when they leave a voicemail.
-sharing a chair in biology because there are zero empty seats.
-husband leaving the door open because its so nice outside and twenty million flies come in. then me trying to kill them all with a rolled up magazine.
-.88 cent crunch wrap supremes at taco bell.
-nali still crawling under the bed even though she barely fits {could be awkward too}
-waking up and not having to do anything to my hair. wooo
-red nail polish
-the fact that spring break is in one week and that the mister and i will be spending it in california.
-coming home early to surprise husband. turns out he needed some cheering up and distraction from impossible homework. two points for being a good wifey.
-bubble bath and 30 rock every single night before bed. best way to relax and unwind.

02 March 2011


i have been working out like a mad woman lately and holy smokes i am so sore. its funny that i go to the gym and workout really hard and am totally fine. then i go with husband and i cannot even walk the next day... or the next day or the next day. okay purpose of my post: i decided that i am going to start eating healthier along with my working out. since being married i am a lot more tired... and i need a little something to boost my energy. my exercise science class has taught me a lot about the importance of eating healthy and how it affects your body. i need less saturated fats and all the nasty added sugars. {taking these out of my diet will make my face all silky smooth tooo} so i am going to make a plan and every sunday i am going to plan the rest of the weeks dinners and every night before i go to bed i am going to pack myself a lunch so i can grab it in the morning and have a healthy meal and snack so i am not tempted to buy a muffin and hot chocolate from the school cafeteria.... hopefully this works and i have more energy to get me through the day! ill letcha know how it goes.
ps i watched chase play basketball tonight and let me just say that i have the most talented husband. period.
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