27 March 2011


Why is it that church has been almost impossible to sit through since being married? I feel so out of place. I am barely older than the laurels in young women and yet i am grouped with the married women that almost  all have kids. I know that I can learn so much from these women, but I cant seem to bring myself to even stay and give them a chance. We usually find our way out to the car after sacrament meeting. I know that if I knew even one person that I could sit by in relief society everything would be fine. I dont know why that is such an issue for me now because I had no problem with sitting alone when I decided to start going to singles ward. I didnt know anyone! Maybe it was because we were all in the same boat? All single and looking for that special someone... even though I was not yet looking very hard. Whatever the reason, sitting alone in the singles ward never kept me from going to church. I need that same determination now. It doesnt help that the husband usually has TONS of homework and could use those extra hours...
Today (after we left church early) I decided that we can no longer leave church early. I know that relief society holds a special spirit that I have been missing out on. I know that our lives will be blessed if we stay, even when we are sleepy and/or hungry. I know that we will be glad every time we stay. So know we just need to do it.
Thank goodness next Sunday is conference so we get one more grace week...

ps this is what Sunday looks like at our place:
Yes our dogs love each other.
Yes homework takes up most of our free time.
No there's no me picture. I took a nap today.


Kristin said...

I"m right there with you. I left after Sacrament meeting yesterday too. slightly different reason, but same outcome. I'll go the full time if you will! :)

Auntie Em said...

why is chase shirt-less... oh wait, i forgot who I was asking about... Chase.. duh!

I think there is an adjustment period with church, you go from single to married, and voila you are magically supposed to feel like everything is perfect yah? no. it takes time, soon you will realize that you DO fit in, *probably when you yourself are wrangling your own Little Ones remembering how wonderful it was to actually listen to the meeting through the cries of everyone else's children and not your own. :)

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