03 March 2011

my very own awkward and awesome thursday

-the mom of the kids i nanny coming home after i took 2 hydrocodon for my back pain. no im not okay.... im grrreat.
-walking into class late after the teacher lectured the rest of the class about the importance of being on time. okay everyone stare at the late girl.
-wearing sandals when all your toes are painted except your big toes.
-a death glare from the librarian when my cell phone goes off. i quickly silence it but a minute later decides to goes off again when they leave a voicemail.
-sharing a chair in biology because there are zero empty seats.
-husband leaving the door open because its so nice outside and twenty million flies come in. then me trying to kill them all with a rolled up magazine.
-.88 cent crunch wrap supremes at taco bell.
-nali still crawling under the bed even though she barely fits {could be awkward too}
-waking up and not having to do anything to my hair. wooo
-red nail polish
-the fact that spring break is in one week and that the mister and i will be spending it in california.
-coming home early to surprise husband. turns out he needed some cheering up and distraction from impossible homework. two points for being a good wifey.
-bubble bath and 30 rock every single night before bed. best way to relax and unwind.

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