29 March 2011


Death is a funny thing. Everyone dies but the timing is everything. When someone's life is ended suddenly when all seemed fine, its a horrible and tragic thing. Or when someone gets cancer, death is still a sad and scary thing but usually ends lots of pain and suffering. But when someone lived to be 94 years old and had a great life, death is just the next step..
My great grandpa, Wilbur Shill Stewart, died Monday morning at 1am. We all knew it was coming for a few days. He wouldn't eat and although he was still alive, he wasn't there. He is now in heaven with his wife and daughter. I'm sure it is a wonderful reunion. I can just see him skipping around enjoying the use of his leg he didn't have for so many years of his life here on earth. We miss and love you and can't wait to see you again.

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