28 February 2011


Okay honestly i am in shock with the dress choices for the 2011 Oscars. With all the money they have to spend they pick the weirdest dresses! Seriously?
Nicole Kidman

Cate Bekinsale

Taylor Swift

Heidi Klum {on the left}

Michelle Williams

Mandy Moore

okay ladies who do you think is the worst dressed? 
its a difficult choice but lets see whatcha think!

27 February 2011

dear new valentines watch:

i am in love with you. Chase did a wonderful job picking you out. yes i know i wear you like everyday {even when you dont match my outfit} but you are just so stinking cute. i promise not to wear you out and then stop wearing you. ill treasure you forever. k love you bye.

25 February 2011

never in a million years

i never thought i would be blogging about a give away. but here i am.
Sydney from The Daybook blogged about a give away 
from Edelweiss by Sarah and let me tell you i am in love.
there it is. the Athelia Dress its a beauty aint it. 
well with my luck i wont be the lucky winner. but hey whats new?
ps for those of you that arent already a follower of The Daybook
i highly recommend you start following.
you'll love it.

24 February 2011

poooper scooper

bad news number one: i had a doctors appointment to see what needs to be done with my broken kidney. welp i need a full blown surgery. yay me. it will be a two hour long procedure where they cut off a section of my ureter (the tube that goes from my kidney to my bladder) and reconnect it to my kidney in a different spot. ill have to be in the hospital for a few days again. but if all goes according to plan my kidney will then be fixed and i shouldnt get those nasty infections anymore.
bad news number two: we might not be going to disneyland anymore. we were invited to share a room with some friends but they decided it would be too crowded so they uninvited us. and since we are poor newlyweds we dont have the money to spend on a room. imagine a five year old dropping his ice cream cone.... yeah that was chase's face when i told him the news. we are trying to figure out a plan b but who knows what will happen.

22 February 2011

then i drooled all over the place

 i want this
but probably wont get it till after this
and one day after that when i dont have to work anymore i want this
but for now i just have this
and i couldnt be happier

21 February 2011

dear lover

Roses are red
Violets are blue.
You make me so happy,
I promise you do.

We've had our moments
I'll admit that it's true,
when our blue skies give way
to a rain cloud or two.

But see, that's the thing
about us ... me and you,
we're best friends forever:
so those rain clouds are screwed

Cause I am your sunshine
and you are mine too
and together we'll make it
through anything dude.


20 February 2011

happy birthday sisssy

its sister erin shae's happy birthday. today she turns fourteen. no more beehives for her! even though she acts like she is sixteen.... this girl is awesome! i love her.
happy birthday sisterrrrr

17 February 2011

small burst...

of everything:
today went very well. i got to sleep in till 9:30, i had no homework and i got off work early. definitely the makings of a grand day. when we finally got home husband had lots of homework so i went off to the kitchen to make us dinner. i am very proud of my creation tonight... i know i wasnt the first to come up with it, but it was my idea for tonight. i make us chicken bacon burgers! but not just any chicken bacon burger oh no. mine had avacado, ranch and provolone cheese tooo. mmm they turned out mighty fine. i even stuck them in the oven to broil them for a couple minutes on each side. chase was proud of me. i usually just find a recipe and go with it. but not tonight! i was feeling creative. and tomorrow night he is treating me to some bbq ribs. i.cannot.wait. tomorrow will be another great day. i get to spend the entire day with the husband! neither of us have school or work. yipeee. another great thing that happened this week: we found out that we get to go to disneyland again! sister erin's dance group is performing there, but the rest of the fam has the trek... so my parents are sending me and the mister. we are so excited. disneyland is one of our favorites! california has many sweet memories too {officially falling for each other, proposal, honeymoon} hopefully we can continue to add more memories to the file. awkward moment of the day: sending old crush a message cuz i found his old football jersey. wont be needing that. ha anywho chase just brought me the most delicious smoothie... i wanna kiss his face off. okay fine i will.

on this day

i am grateful for a lot of things... but mainly:
 for my husband
my bed
and ice cream :)

ohhh heaven in my mouth

12 February 2011


one month down. forever to go.

11 February 2011

{insert post title heere}

yay for my sucky weeek finally being over and let me tell you it was terrible.
wanna hear about it? okay gooood.
monday night my back started hurting (which, sad to say, is pretty normal now) so i went to bed. tossed and turned all night. at about two am i told chase the bad news, i had a bladder infection. or a UTI. i get them quite often.. its just annoying. then tuesday morning i was still in pretty bad pain. SO i took a hydrocodone and went about my daily business. luckily last class was cancelled and i didnt have work. So i got to my parents about 1(also luckily). But by this time my back was killing me. i wont go into details here but ill just say there were a few swear words and lots of pacing back and forth. by the time my mom got home it was 2:30 and i knew i needed the hospital. last may i got a horrible kidney infection and boy oh boy was it back.
(sorry this is gonna get long, ill shorten)
so we waited in the ER for 6 hours. while people with low fevers and headaches were being treated before me. i probably sound like such a whiner but when im in a ball on the ER floor crying and almost passing out because i cant breathe oh and throwing up every time i move because the pain is so great. and they are helping this perfectly calm lady with no visible symptoms before me... i might get a little feisty. its probably a good thing i couldnt move. 
{ps husband and parents were pretty much the bomb during this}
when they finally got me into a bed in the ER they gave me some pain meds and nausea medicine i felt so much better! So 1 am the doctor comes in and tells me i can go home and let my kidney drain..... 
okay rewind to last may when the same thing happened...
i was in the hospital 3 days while they used antibiotics to try and drain the infection. they then realized my kidney has scar tissue and cannot drain on its own. finally they did a surgery where they put a stent in to drain my kidney and i was fine to go home the next day. now they are telling me to go home and it will fix itself? ya right. i knew i wasnt okay to go home and so did they. they were just too full to try and get me a room.
back to present. 
we had the doctor compare the difference between this and last time. turns out the only difference was last time it was significant and this time it was only moderate. finally they admitted me. but they didnt have a room for me so i was at the end of a hall next to a lady that cried all the time and threw up to violently. i thought she was dying. turns out she had a minor kidney infection.... 
so finally wednesday evening they got me into my own room! That night i weened off the morphine and started taking percocet. which didnt make me as drowsy and lasted much longer.
{ps all this time i havent been eating because im either nauseous from pain or pain meds.. go figure}
Then thursday came around and starting at 7am i was doing tests. ultrasounds, xrays, ct scans the works. everytime i would start to fall asleep or get comfortable someone else would come in and wheel me to another room for more testing. Thursday evening my Dr came in and let me know they needed to do a stent. (SHOCKER) so thursday night at 11 i was on the official fast for my surgery that would be happening the next morning at 7. yay. then at 2:30am my percocet wore off & i was given morphine which lasts 3 hours but can only be given every 4. so 6 oclock rolled around and i was rolled down to preop with my back killing. In preop, my nurse was a sweetheart. but anesthesiologist however was a pooop. he was very late and got quite feisty when i told him i needed nausea meds with pain killers. me, being highly medicated and in a pretty nasty amount of pain, began to cry. he was nicer after that.
to make a long story shorter: surgery went great. im home. & im starving.

ps i have the best husband ever. he stayed with me the whole time, slept every night on the horrible chair, and always helped me when i had to go to the bathroom. he is seriously the greatest ever and i could not be more blessed to have such a sweet and loving man as my husband!

08 February 2011


my back is officially broken.
well my kidney at least. i am having more stupid kidney pains.
i was up all night last night tossing and turning because my kidney decided
to be too small and my body decided to be really thirsty.
therefore i lay awake with terrible back pains.
chase is mad at me for not getting this all taken care of last year when these
same issues landed me in the hospital for 3 days.
i tried! but the doctor i went to see couldnt do the procedure but still wanted
business so he proceeded to be the middle man and nothing got accomplished.

anyways i found these amazing shoes last night.
they are $7.50 but you have to buy at least 100 pairs.
stupid wholesale bulk website got my hopes up.

anywho i made chase his favorite homemade mac & cheese last night
it turned out pretty good for my first time!
tonight its chicken tortilla soup. yumm

07 February 2011

deja jealous

when did i become so girly? i dunno but i am so in love.

time to remodel.

hey husband

chase jordan thompson
is without a doubt the best husband everr.
i love him to pieces and cannot wait for him to get home
so i can cuddle him and watch our newest favorite tv show modern family.
 who could ever resist this face?
not me, no sireee.

i realized i have never posted a picture of my ring
welp here it is:

05 February 2011

ob-la-di ob-la-daa

it was just a short trip but it was a good one.
sister mikie and brian clay were our lovely accompaniments.
my favorite trail to go on was pretty powdery today.
and for some reason (despite the multitude of people there)
no one wanted to go down it. im not complaining.
and i didnt break my booty-do today either.
usually i have some nasty falls...but not today!

ps. grand canyon trip is a no go.
its freezing cold, snow on the ground and we'd be sleeping in a tent.
okay dont get me wrong im cool with tents, but not when its snowing outside.
sorry im a party pooper.

03 February 2011

pretty please

i want i want i want.
reading my last few blogs makes me feel a bit greedy?

02 February 2011

road trip.

these next two weekends are going to be so fun.
this weekend the mister and i were invited to go snowboarding
by the lovely brian clay. (check out his amazing photography here)
i quickly accepted the invitation.

next weekend we are hiking the grand canyon.
saturday we hike down. spend the night. and hike back up sunday.
its supposed to be a pretty intense hike. i cannot wait.

stomach growls at 2 am

school makes me wanna rip my brains out.
i am so ready to be done and simply be the perfect housewife.
ill cook, ill clean, ill buy groceries... wait i do all of this already.
but im not complaining about that. i love doing things for my husband.
its just all that plus school plus work plus everything else.
i just wanna punch all my professors in the face.
they think that my life should revolve around each of their classes.
plus i locked my keys in the truck before class (didnt realize till after)
 so i had to wait at school forever while brother crawled 
through the doggy door at chase and my home & found the spare key.
needless to say i was late to work.
big breath
new favorite quote: 
"whenever i have a problem, i just sing, 
then i realize my voice is worse than my problem"

ps i figured out what i want for valentines day:
its perfect. love. definitely brightened my oh so busy & exciting day.
ps happy three weeks to me and the mister

01 February 2011

life happens

its funny how time shows who your true friends are
and who you can really count on.
ive learned that when people hurt me or make me angry,
i am giving them power over me.
when i can ignore and not let those things affect me,
it is the most amazing feeling of freedom.
i also have realized that happiness is a choice.
i dont need anything to make me happy.
i can be happy all on my own.

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