02 February 2011

stomach growls at 2 am

school makes me wanna rip my brains out.
i am so ready to be done and simply be the perfect housewife.
ill cook, ill clean, ill buy groceries... wait i do all of this already.
but im not complaining about that. i love doing things for my husband.
its just all that plus school plus work plus everything else.
i just wanna punch all my professors in the face.
they think that my life should revolve around each of their classes.
plus i locked my keys in the truck before class (didnt realize till after)
 so i had to wait at school forever while brother crawled 
through the doggy door at chase and my home & found the spare key.
needless to say i was late to work.
big breath
new favorite quote: 
"whenever i have a problem, i just sing, 
then i realize my voice is worse than my problem"

ps i figured out what i want for valentines day:
its perfect. love. definitely brightened my oh so busy & exciting day.
ps happy three weeks to me and the mister


Kristin said...

um, CUTE necklace! Where did you find that? and sorry about your bad day. I totally hear ya on just wanting to stay home and take care of everything there. Time is a funny (and frustrating) thing!

Mikie said...

I tried to find where Megan had these posted on her blog and failed, but I'll ask her at church on Sunday for sure!! :)

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