17 February 2011

small burst...

of everything:
today went very well. i got to sleep in till 9:30, i had no homework and i got off work early. definitely the makings of a grand day. when we finally got home husband had lots of homework so i went off to the kitchen to make us dinner. i am very proud of my creation tonight... i know i wasnt the first to come up with it, but it was my idea for tonight. i make us chicken bacon burgers! but not just any chicken bacon burger oh no. mine had avacado, ranch and provolone cheese tooo. mmm they turned out mighty fine. i even stuck them in the oven to broil them for a couple minutes on each side. chase was proud of me. i usually just find a recipe and go with it. but not tonight! i was feeling creative. and tomorrow night he is treating me to some bbq ribs. i.cannot.wait. tomorrow will be another great day. i get to spend the entire day with the husband! neither of us have school or work. yipeee. another great thing that happened this week: we found out that we get to go to disneyland again! sister erin's dance group is performing there, but the rest of the fam has the trek... so my parents are sending me and the mister. we are so excited. disneyland is one of our favorites! california has many sweet memories too {officially falling for each other, proposal, honeymoon} hopefully we can continue to add more memories to the file. awkward moment of the day: sending old crush a message cuz i found his old football jersey. wont be needing that. ha anywho chase just brought me the most delicious smoothie... i wanna kiss his face off. okay fine i will.

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