08 December 2009

tis the season

to be jollly!
only one week left of school and ill be able to fully enjoy this amazing time of the year! i love everything about christmas time...

-everyone is happy and full of love
-christ is the center of everything
-peppermint hot chocolate
-christmas decorations
-temple lights
-christmas music
-hoodies and cute scarves
-looking at christmas lights
-family get-togethers
-break from school
-saying merry christmas to everyone
-grandmas house on christmas eve
this is such a happy time! my family finally put up our tree last night and it added so much christmas spirit to our home! i love it. i am so grateful for this time of year and for such amazing family and friends to share it with.

01 December 2009


over the past week, with it being thanksgiving weekend and all, i have been thinking a lot about all the things i am grateful for. here are the three things that mean the most to me..

my family is amazing. i love each and every one of them so much. they do so much for me and i feel like i never show enough gratitude for them. i am so grateful for all the fun times and memories we share. i am grateful for my parents who both work so hard for our family. im grateful for siblings that are so funny and full of love.

my friends have such a big influence on me and my life. they all hold a special place in my heart and i love them all so much. i am so grateful for their positive influence on me and all the fun times we share.

the gospel.
throughout my life the gospel has helped me so much. in just the last few months i have been better about reading my scriptures and saying my prayers everyday. its amazing how much happier you are when you have the spirit in your life constantly. i am so grateful for an amazing bishop who knows just what to say. i am grateful for the book of mormon and the powerful message it contains. im grateful for the happiness the gospel brings in my life and the life of those around me.


A lot has been going on in my life these past few months. And i wont lie ive never been happier. I am going to school at chandler gilbert and it is pretty stressful. I have 3 papers, a powerpoint and a video all due in the next week. 
On top of that i nanny 6 of the cutest kids ever! All of them are adopted and just have the cutest personalities. Me and the youngest two had some fun with my computer while the older kids were at school...

These kids keep me pretty busy, but it is a lot of fun :)
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