29 May 2011

Tough Times

These past 2 weeks of Chase being down have been really tough. He isnt able to work and so I have been trying to find a job or two for this summer. Also I have to take care of him since he isnt able to move around much. He is almost always in pain and its such a helpless feeling not being able to do anything to make him feel better. Even though Chase is the one with the broken leg, I think that this trial might be more for me than it is for him. I am learning so much about patience and service. Two things that I have seriously lacked in my life. Though this whole broken leg thing sucks, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow from it.

Life's Better With You

Last night Chase and I stayed up really late talking about everything. We talked about when we first met, we talked about where we want to be in 5 years, we talked about having kids. It was just one of those nights that helped us to grow much closer together. Then this morning Chase told me that these 4 months have been the best of his life. And I realized that even though we spent multiple times in the hospital, got kicked out of the house we were in, both stressed with school and are now living with his parents; these 4 months have been the best time of my life as well. Chase said "Its just better with you". Its funny how just a small phrase can make you so happy. And this was one of those phrases. I cannot even express the love I have for Chase, and I know that this love is, and will continue to grow more each day. I am so grateful for Chase and for the opportunity I have to spend my life with him.

27 May 2011


Tonight consisted of cuddling, movies and pazookies.

24 May 2011


This weekend was crazy! Chase was stuck in bed and Nali got spayed and was throwing up all over. So I was taking care of two sickies. Its was stressful. Luckily both are now feeling better. Last night we ended up in the ER again because Chase was dehydrated but couldnt keep anything down. They thought his blood count was low too so they have him taking iron supplements. We are hoping its all uphill from here! Here are the pictures from the night he broke his leg.
Happy Tuesday Pretties.

21 May 2011

Rated PG13

For blood and gore. May not be suitable for children under thirteen and those with a weak stomach...

We are home. But unfortunately it has just gone down hill. Chase got pretty sick in the car on the way home. He was dizzy and light headed. Once we got home, he was barely able to support himself to get out of the car. We arent sure exactly made him so sick but the rest of the night he was nauseous and dizzy. We slept from 10:30 last night till about 12pm today! It was much needed since you cant get much sleep in the hospital. And today was spent alll day in bed. Sleeping mostly. Minus a few hours watching a movie on the couch.
But here are some pictures of his leg. 
 Hopefully he will continue to feel better... Thanks to all who have come to visit and brought us food. We realllly appreciate it.

18 May 2011

Hospital VIPs

Last night Chase was playing basketball and a big guy fell on him and snapped both his tibia and fibula. Its probably a good thing I wasnt there when it happened. I probably would have been worse off than Chase! But when I got to lifetime the paramedics were there trying to stabilize his leg. It was so bad. There was lots of blood and the bone was sticking out the front of his leg! Once we got to the ER they put him under in order to stabilize his leg. I was able to stay there right with his the whole time. When he started coming to he was sooo out of it. It was hilarious. He was talking about fishing, elephants and lizards. He was telling everyone a bear with a machete attacked him. But he was always SO pleasant and nice. He was quite sweet despite the circumstances. But he went into surgery at 11pm last night. They put a titanium rod through the center of his tibia. He got into his room at 3am and slept through most of the night. I was so glad. But we will be at the hospital another day or two. Hopefully just a day. But he is doing much better and everyone is being so nice! Its weird being the healthy one... im usually the one in the hospital bed. But this was our third hospital visit/surgery in our four months of being married. Hopefully our next will be with a babe....

15 May 2011

The best is yet to come

Chase and I have been married 4 months now. It has been the best 4 months of my life. My husband is amazing. Literally he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Sometimes I wonder if I am worthy to be married to such a stud? We were talking about life and how they say the first few years of marriage are the hardest. Well we must be pretty spoiled because so far its been quite enjoyable. Ive only wanted to kick him like once. just kidding. kinda. But we were also talking about kids and how differently we were each raised and that we will have different ways of how we think our children should be raised. Im sure that's when things will get really difficult. I can only imagine how hard it is to be a parent. But I am soo excited. (I am Not pregnant or planning on getting pregnant any time soon. just to clarify.) I know Chase will be the best dad. He is so goofy and fun. I know our kids will be crazy about him. Its exciting to think how much better my life our life is going to get. Im plenty happy with our situation right now... But the best is yet to come. And I cannot wait.

13 May 2011

Chase and I are both done with schooool! My lovely husband now has his bachelors in biomedical engineering. Yup, he's a big deal. So today summer officially starts and ohh the things we have planned. Most of which involve being outside in our swimsuits. You know its summer in Arizona when you get into your car that was in the sun for a few hours and you literally cannot breathe because the air is so sweltering hot. Bring it on. I hope you all have a wonderful summer full of sunburns and lemonade. I know we will. Ta-ta pretties.

11 May 2011


This time of year is bitter sweet. Cramming for finals and all the stress! But this means the semester is almost over. And let me tell you... I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER. Just 2 more finals and I am doneee.

08 May 2011

Its Mums Day!

"God could not be everywhere so he made mothers." -unknown
Happy mothers day to all the wonderful mothers out there, 
but especially mine. My momma's the best!
I hope you all have a wonderful day.

05 May 2011

Scatter Brained.

Today was fun.
I had a little school, then lunch with Chase and Jon at Taco De Chandler. It was pretty good. Then i worked for a little bit and after i made a bunch of cookies for my momma. She had an open house for Chuck Gray. He is running for congress. And he's my mum's cousin. He's a cool dude. Check him out heere. So Chase graduates next thursday and he doesnt want to walk...... he's weird. So we really arent doing anything to celebrate. We will probably end up going to dinner though which will be nice. Well im starting to get baby hungry. But i dont think we are quite ready. Hopefully within the year. But i found this picture and holy crap it made me want a little girl so bad. I really hope she has the sass that this little diva has. 
ohh my gosh i want a little girl. seriously soo adorable. kk this was an extremely random post but so are my thoughts.
i apologize.

03 May 2011


Okay I want to plan another wedding so bad.
I have sooo many ideas!
Sister Mikie already told me that I can do hers.... 
Yes im already planning it. No she's not even dating anyone. Yes she is still in high school.
Im pathetic.
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