05 May 2011

Scatter Brained.

Today was fun.
I had a little school, then lunch with Chase and Jon at Taco De Chandler. It was pretty good. Then i worked for a little bit and after i made a bunch of cookies for my momma. She had an open house for Chuck Gray. He is running for congress. And he's my mum's cousin. He's a cool dude. Check him out heere. So Chase graduates next thursday and he doesnt want to walk...... he's weird. So we really arent doing anything to celebrate. We will probably end up going to dinner though which will be nice. Well im starting to get baby hungry. But i dont think we are quite ready. Hopefully within the year. But i found this picture and holy crap it made me want a little girl so bad. I really hope she has the sass that this little diva has. 
ohh my gosh i want a little girl. seriously soo adorable. kk this was an extremely random post but so are my thoughts.
i apologize.

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Auntie Em said...

erika--- come borrow mine... I have a beautiful little girl with sass and divaness, that will help you realize that maybe you should enjoy being a couple for a little while longer. Come up in July to meet her. there is a big party happening over the fourth our little babies are getting blessed.

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