24 May 2011


This weekend was crazy! Chase was stuck in bed and Nali got spayed and was throwing up all over. So I was taking care of two sickies. Its was stressful. Luckily both are now feeling better. Last night we ended up in the ER again because Chase was dehydrated but couldnt keep anything down. They thought his blood count was low too so they have him taking iron supplements. We are hoping its all uphill from here! Here are the pictures from the night he broke his leg.
Happy Tuesday Pretties.

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alicia.lahoma said...

oh.my.goodness. it breaks my heart to see you being held back by allyse. i can only imagine how you must be feeling thank godness it was only a leg injury and not something worse!! i would be a wreck if dayton was hurt ughhh praying for you Thompsons!!

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