29 May 2011

Life's Better With You

Last night Chase and I stayed up really late talking about everything. We talked about when we first met, we talked about where we want to be in 5 years, we talked about having kids. It was just one of those nights that helped us to grow much closer together. Then this morning Chase told me that these 4 months have been the best of his life. And I realized that even though we spent multiple times in the hospital, got kicked out of the house we were in, both stressed with school and are now living with his parents; these 4 months have been the best time of my life as well. Chase said "Its just better with you". Its funny how just a small phrase can make you so happy. And this was one of those phrases. I cannot even express the love I have for Chase, and I know that this love is, and will continue to grow more each day. I am so grateful for Chase and for the opportunity I have to spend my life with him.

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Sharde said...

how wonderful. :) i just had a conversation very similar with my man a couple nights ago too, and it makes you happy and feel fuzzy and warm, and love knowing that you're just so loved. that someone wants to make a baby with you, and wants to be with you out of every other person in the whole world! its an amazing feeling. :) you're a lucky girl erika.


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