28 November 2010


Chase and I are gettting married :)
We've been dating just over a year and on 11.13 he finally proposed!
Both of our families went to California to go to Disney Land and Knott's Berry Farm. Knotts was first! It was fun but there were SOOO many people there. The lines were all an hour wait and you could barely get around without running into people! And i got sick from one of the rides so i was bummin for part of the day. The next day was Disney Land and California Adventure. It was even more crowded. But over all our experience was a good one. The World of Color or whatever its called was pretty good. It was a little difficult to see and they had a fit when i got on Chase's shoulders. Apparently its a "safety hazard". Whatever.
The next day we went to the beach. Oh how i love the beach. We all just hung out and enjoyed the weather. Then we ate BJs mmmmm. That night my family went home so Chase and I went to the huntington beach pier while his family went to knotts again. We went fishing off the pier and drank my favorite hot chocolate. We didnt catch anything but it was a lot of fun. Then we went out and walked along the beach. There werent very many people around so that was nice. We were just walking along the beach (chase was being all cute of course, telling me how much he loved me and all that good stuff!) Then he turned, took my hands and got down on his knee. I WAS SHOCKED! i mean i knew it was coming soon but i had no idea he had even talked to my dad or had the ring with him that night! anyways... he pulled out THE box with the most gorgeous ring and proceeded to say "Erika Inez McDowell...Will you marry me?" All i could do was smile and nod my head real fast. He stood up and hugged me and then told me that i could then put on the ring. I told him that was his job! Even though it was dark i could see it sparkling! Its gorgeous. But then we made all the calls and let everyone know we were engaged, Finished the night strong with some passion iced tea lemonade and called it a night.
It has now been two weeks and i still cannot stop looking at my ring! He did an amazing job :) So we are getting married 1.11.11 at 10:30 am and our reception will be the 15th at 6pm. We couldnt be more excited! Chase is the love of my life and my best friend. GOSH that sounds soo cheesy but it is so very true.. I love him to death and cannot wait to enter the temple to be sealed to him for all eternity!
I am one lucky girl.
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