21 September 2011

My Name is Erika Thompson and I'm a Mormon

Check it out! My Mormon.org account is officially up and running :)
Click heere for my profile.
The cute little "I'm a Mormon" button in my sidebar will take you there as well.
ps. If any of you fellow mormons have an account link it up in the comments! If not hurry and make one. It doesn't take terribly long. While you're there check out the videos of other mormons. They are amazing!

14 September 2011

Tear Jerker and Winner Announced!

This is amazingly inspirational and so lovely.
And the lucky winner is:
Congrats, Charde!
For those who weren't so lucky this time, Ill be having another giveaway real soon. 
So stay tuned and happy Wednesday!

11 September 2011

Never Forget

I remember the phone rang and my mom quickly turned the tv on. She didn't have to change the channel since they all had the same thing playing. I was ten years old when the twin towers fell. All five of us kids stayed home that day, we just all sat around the tv in our parents room watching in awe. I remember how scary it was to me that someone could be so evil and willing to hurt so many innocent people. I will never forget how I felt, never forget the many people who died, and never forget the people that fight for our rights everyday. 

09 September 2011

Give Awayyy

Hello all of you pretties. Because I am so happy its Friday, I decided that I want to share with you one of the many things I have been working on this past week. Drum roll please......
Tada! Do you love it!? Because I know I do! Okay so here's the deal with these little beauties, I am giving away one of my handmade bird nest necklaces to one of you lovely readers. The winner gets to choose whether they would like gold or silver as well as how many 'eggs' they want and what color (blue, white, cream). Usually these necklaces represent how many children you have, but I am not yet lucky enough to have children and I wear mine anyways.
Here's how to win:
Be a follower of my blog
Leave a comment with the designs you would choose for your own bird nest necklace
Thats it!
Good luck to you all, I will announce the winner next week.

06 September 2011

Big News

I would just like to say that we are going to Hawaii for 9 days at the beginning of October. I feel like a little girl on Christmas morning that cannot contain her squeals of excitement. I am thinking some guest posts that week and maybe a give away. Yes you heard right, a give away. I have been crafting away and am SOO excited to share my accomplishments with you all.
Have a fabulous Tuesday!

04 September 2011

Never too sick for ice cream

Last night I started feeling really sick, so we came home early and went to bed. When we woke up I was still feeling gross. So Chase, being the wonderful husband he is, told me to go back to sleep and he'd stay home and take care of me. At 1:30pm I decided it was probably time to wake up. The smells of Sunday dinner were beckoning me. And even though I felt like crap, I ate it all up and had room for ice cream. No one can turn down homemade ice cream, especially when there in an assortment of goodies to put on top. For some reason my stomach cannot hold very much food and I am told that I eat "like a bird". But when ice cream is offered, my stomach grows 4 times its normal size and gobbles that deliciousness right up. I kind of wish I was kidding, but I am being completely serious. Try not to droool too much!
Source: Pinterest

Have a great week!

01 September 2011


Dear September:
I wont lie, I am a little disappointed with you right now. The weather this week doesn't look promising and feels nothing like September let me assure you. High of 112 today!? Thanks for nothing. My hopes were that once you came and August was past, you would bring some lovely fall weather that would make me once again, love this state. Yeah I know Arizona is the desert, but if I recall in the previous years you have arrived bearing gifts of chilly mornings and nights that require a sweater. Unfortunately you dropped the ball on this one. So unless you begin supplying the lovely weather us Arizonians crave so badly right now, there are going to be consequences. Mark my words.
Erika from Az
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