19 August 2012

Almost 30 weeks

I am 29 weeks and 3 days.
I had my growth ultrasound this week.
Baby girl has my nose and her dads lips.
She is measuring in the 55th percentile. Perfectly normal.
I cannot believe that I am almost in the single digit count down.
Less than 11 weeks and this little girl will be here.
I've started bouncing on an exercise ball while watching tv.
Move on down little one.
But not too far. I like wearing my pants still.

07 August 2012

twenty seven weeeks

You guys I have officially made it to the third trimester. Its a funny thing to think that I have been growing this little peanut for 6 months now. On one hand it feels like we found out I was pregnant yesterday, but on the other I feel like I've had this belly forever. My belly button is out y'all. Wearing fitted shirts always results in someone poking it. Not sure how I feel about that one. I guess I'll enjoy it while I can because this little girl will be here before we know it. Also only one pair of my jeans still fit which is quite the bummer, but with widening hips also comes growth of the ladies and let me just say having to buy a new bra because all mine are too small is fine by me. Even though with the extremely gross weather and heat advisories, I'd rather be neked. But I'll spare everyone and keep that to a minimum... 
Pillow talk now mainly consists of talking about what we think this little girl will look like and, since the olympics started, which sports she will play. We decided that we will start her in soccer at like 5 and then see where that takes us. Its probably the only sport you can get a workout in at age 5, no matter how well you know the game... just run the way everyone else is running and kick the ball if it comes to you. Simple enough right? My thoughts exactly. 
To wrap this wordy and pointless post up, let me just say that I realized a few things while registering this week. First, I don't want your average diaper bag. If I am going to be carrying this thing around with me everywhere, I want it to be classy and add to my outfit. Petunia Pickle Bottom you've done wonderfully but I'm gonna have to pass. The one below from Rouche is by far my fav. And lastly, I want a fullblown nursing cover. The ones that just go around your neck and cover the front are super cute and all but I don't wanna ever have to worry about little arms pulling it over and exposing my lovelies to the world. I found the one pictured below here, its like $80 which seems a little ridiculous so I am gonna try making one? Im thinking I'll even stick with the stripes. I'll let ya know how it works out.

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