28 January 2012

two weeks down. fourteen to go.
bring it

27 January 2012

Harry Potter

Sometimes I remember that the story of Harry Potter is over and I get really sad. There wont be anymore books or movies. I wish JK Rowling would write books from before. Like when Lily, James, Snape and Remus were all at Hogwarts. She'd have to come up with a new name though. Harry Potter would no longer be fitting. I tried to think of something clever, but she's the writer, Ill let her do that when she writes the books...

“When I’m 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, I’ll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will say to me, “After all this time?” And I will say, “Always.” - Alan Rickman.
Im with ya Professor Snape. Right there with ya.

25 January 2012

Awhh shucks

To be totally honest, this week has been a crazy one. Lots of school and work! But when I got an email from Lauren, at Lemon Trees and Bumble Bees, saying that she nominated me for the Leibster Blog award I was like insta-cheerful. Not gonna lie, I had never heard about this award before I read Lauren's email... but nonetheless, I was flattered! When I started this little blog, I didn't really think anyone would read or even care. But when I began following other people's blogs and getting to know these wonderful women through their posts, I realized how big this blogger-sphere is and that I wanted to be a part of it! I want to inspire the way some of my favorite blogs inspire me. Not that I am at that point yet, but it's a work in progress. So thanks for reading :)
Liebster in German means dearest, beloved, or favorite, and it is for bloggers with under 200 followers.
 The rules are: 

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
3. Copy & paste the blog award on your blog.
4. Reveal your 5 blog picks.
5. Let them know you chose them by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are my choices for the award:

1. Joslyn at Mr and Mrs
2. Whitney at WhitSpeaks
5. Rachel at Elle Lorraine

Everyone needs to head over and check these lovlies out. You'll be glad you did!

23 January 2012

Sister is a pro

Check out my toesies:
Mikie does an awesome job. I would say that I'm jealous of her skills, but if I could paint like her, then I would have to paint my own nails. And we wouldn't want that, now would we? Happy Monday!

22 January 2012

Sometimes we do nothing

Sometimes I pinterest
 Sometimes sister paints my toes
Sometimes Chase plays video games

Sometimes Nali just wants attention

Sometimes she likes kisses
 And sometimes, things get crazy
 Sometimes Titian tries to jump as high as Nali.
 Or he tries to jump off her back.
 Whatever works to get the treat!

 I love nights in with my little family {& sister!}

21 January 2012

I got it from my mama

My cousin's little girl, Kinlee, turned two years old yesterday. She is literally a mini-me of her cute mama. I still cannot believe its been two years since she was born. She was the cutest little baby, with an extremely long tongue {we werent sure if it fit in her mouth when we was first born} and now she is the cutest little toddler. Good job on making cute babes, Allyse! To celebrate, we all went to BJs. Chase and I shared a buffalo chicken pizza. It was amazing. Then of course we enjoyed some pazookies!
She was so excited about her cute presents.
She got super embarrassed when we started singing to her.
 Love my Poo On Toast
 Showing us how old she is {she cant figure out how to hold two fingers up on one hand}
 Love Them
 our pups couldn't contain their excitement when we got home.
I then fell asleep at like 9 o'clock. Thats how we roll on Friday night.
ps what do y'all think of the hair do? I want HONESTY people. I can take whatever you've got.

19 January 2012


Ms Shane over at Whispering Sweet Nothings did this cute little fill in the blank and passed it along so we bloggers can get to know each other better. It was pretty quick and easy to do, plus, it was fun! If you have anything specific like I do, link it so we can all check it out! Leave me a comment so I can read all of your seven deadly sins!

seven great things in your life.
1. My husband is pretty much the coolest.
2. We have work that provides for what we need (finally).
3. I best the best family (both sides).
4. We are looking for houses
5. We have two pups that keep us entertained.
6. We are both healthy!
7. I am pretty bomb at monopoly.

seven things you lack and covet
1. Money
2. Hair with body and volume!
3. Everything from Jcrew and Anthro
4. A House
6. Motivation to work out
7. Patience

seven things that make you angry
1. People that are fake
2. Glitter nails are way to easy to peel off
3. Laundry is never done
4. The radio sucks now a days
5. Bad drivers that think its your fault
6. Teachers that think their class is the only thing that should ever occupy your time
7.  Ungrateful and selfish people

seven things that you neglect to do.
1. Laundry
2. Vacuum
3. Homework
4. Work out
5.  Blog (sorry y'all)
6. Clean my car out
7. Love my husband enough

seven worldly material desires.
1. Monies
2. A lovely home
3. Iphone with this case
5. Two working and nice vehicles
6. A person stylist that will get me ready every day
7.  A maid to cook and clean

seven guilty pleasures.
2. Dr Pepper
3. Ice cream ( Im with ya Shane!)
4. Skinny Jeans
5. Shoes
6. My Bed
7. TJ Maxx

seven things you love about love
1. Bear Hugs
2. Cuddle Sesh
3. Waking up to him
   4. Kisses
5. Watching our shows while getting a back rub
6. Holding hands
7. Naps together (hardly ever anymore)

14 January 2012

No Longer Dreaming

Now that we are looking for houses... like for reals. I decided to find some things that I want to make/have in my home. We can all thank Pinterest for these lovlies:
Not sure if I'll copy this exactly... But I will have a cute wreath on my door. 
 I want to make a pallet wall SO badly. I love the rustic look and feel. Maybe family room behind the TV?
 I have always said that If my home doesn't have a fire place, I'll make one. This is perfect!
 The feel of this room is what I want the feel in my home to be.
 Lovely. I think ill make these this weekend :)
 Perfect for entry. With hooks under shutters for jackets and maybe a basket for shoes?
 This is next to a bed.... I say next to the tub or maybe toilet!
 Love that this is accessible but not on the counter!
OHH the many ideas swirling about my head. Im sure there will be many more post much like this one. To view where these pictures came from (some have tutorials!) go here. They are all in my future house or DIY boards.

13 January 2012

The Job Hunt Is Over

A couple weeks back Chase had an interview with a company in Tempe. He wasn't terribly interested in the Job because it was only part time. But he figured that if nothing better came up, then part time is better than no time. He said the interview went well but that they had more they were doing the next week and he should hear back in about 2 weeks.
Just less than a week later he received an email asking when would be a good time for him to go back in to the office over the next two days. We weren't sure if this was going to be good or bad, but we did know that the interviews weren't over yet. Chase let the business manager know that he would be able to come in the next day, January 11th, around 1pm. 
Since it was our anniversary, we had plans to go see a movie and grab dinner. So I just went with him to the meeting and waited in the car. After about 30 minutes he came back out. He said it went really well and handed me a packet of papers. 
The first things I saw were 9:00-5:30 and salary
I couldn't believe it! Oh how we are blessed. Chase went in thinking it would be part time but because the owner was so impressed with him, decided that he was what the company needed for their full time engineer!
I cannot tell you how excited we are that Chase found work less than a month after he graduated, that is full time, located here in Arizona, and pays more than we thought he would be making for a while.
This is a huge blessing that will lead to many more blessings throughout this year. The first, we are hoping, is a house. I've spent the majority of the last two days driving neighborhoods we like, searching online listings, and calculating budgets and figuring what a comfortable house payment would be. 
I knew this was going to be a great year for us. I just wasn't aware of how quickly things would fall into place. Thanks for your support and prayers. Now cross your fingers we'll find a home within our budget and quick :)

12 January 2012

On this eve

I would like to announce that I finished the third book of the hunger game series. It took less than 24 hours and now I reallly cant wait for the movie.

ohh and husband got a job. first goal for the new year accomplished. details coming tomorrow.


10 January 2012

One Year

As of tomorrow, Chase and I will have been married for a year. ONE WHOLE YEAR. It feels like just yesterday was our wedding day. Maybe that's because time flies when you're having fun.

People say that the first year is the hardest... health wise it definitely was. Between the two of us there were 5 big medical procedures, involving 2 kidney surgeries, a broken leg and surgery, 4 wisdom teeth being removed and 2 front teeth being knocked out and then fixed. We are hoping that this year will be much better medically. The next time we want to be in the hospital is with a little babe.

But as far as getting along, I think we've pretty much got it down. We get along very well, unless we're hungry or tired.... But that is usually an easy fix.

I am so grateful for this year and how close Chase and I have grown. He really is my best friend.
One down, eternity to go.

07 January 2012

two o'clock in the morning

I got home about noon and found a lovely package waiting for me. I read The Hunger Games about a month or so ago and just today got the next book. I started Catching Fire about 5pm, took an hour break to play some cards, and just now finished. Holy moly theses books are wonderfully written morsels that everyone should have the opportunity to devour. I wasn't planning on finishing in one day and am bummed that I don't have the next book so I can start it right this second. The first was intriguing, the second captivating and I can only assume that the last book will be just as wonderfully enticing. I cannot wait to read it.

04 January 2012

I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good.

Twenty twelve is going to be a great year. I can feel it in my bones. So many things will be changing for the better. Now that Chase is graduated he is looking for work. He had an interview today that was quite promising. It is unfortunate but, this job is what will set the rest of our goals in motion. We want to get a house. That is our biggest goal we have set for the year. I picture a smaller house with a picket fence sitting on an acre of land. It will be a nothing fancy, but it will be ours. It will be the perfect house to start a family. Which leads me to our next goal. We would like to start a family this year. But this goal will rest upon our first two working out. Our last big goal for this year is to grow more spiritually, to rely on the lord. This goal is one that we are already trying our best to put into effect. We know that whatever happens this year is what the lord has intended for us, as long as we are doing everything that we can on our own. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us. Hopefully this time next year I will be resolving to plant a garden in our new yard and make my own homemade baby food. Cross your fingers with me and cheers to a new year.

03 January 2012

Sometimes we eat like pigs.

There is nothing quite like dinner and a movie with the family. We laugh, we cry, we steal each other's french fries. Its glorious. This time we went to Fuddrucker's, which happens to be Chase's favorite place to eat. He always gets the 1 pound burger and always surprises me when he finishes the whole thing and his fries. Can you say bottomless pit?
{she's gonna kill me....}
The mighty 1 pound burger that my husband can finish by himself:
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