28 April 2011


Im thinking of doing this with T.
any thoughts?

Life is crazy right now. This past weekend I had my surgery. It all went well... It lasted quite a bit longer than expected, they had to make an extra incision and I was in recovery for 3 hours. I also thought I would be fine the next day and could go home. Nope! I was hurting. They tried to get me up to walk the next morning and I almost died. Literally the worst pain ever. Eventually they got me up and after I started walking around I began feeling lots better. Now I am almost fully functionable. I just cant really use my abs much... My stomach is huge. I look preggo. But other than that, im doing quite well! Next week is my last week of school before finals. I cannot wait for summer. I hope it will be as relaxing and fun as I imagine it. Anyways I will be spending the rest of the night typing up a 5 page essay on globalization. gag me. I hope the rest of you have better things happening tonight.... adios!

26 April 2011

Its her Birthdayy!

Today is my wonderful mother's birthday! My mom is the best. She is not just my mom, she is my friend, and I love that I can say that. Chase and I got her a little something that hopefully she will enjoy. We ordered it but it hasnt arrived yet. Hopefully within the next 2 or 3 days. But we had dinner over there tonight to celebrate. We had enchiladas and ooo they were delicious. We also had key lime pie for dessert thanks to sister Michaela. Anyways I've been pretty beat since the surgery so Im off to bed. Ill post about all that fun stuff maybe tomorrow. Ill just say that I look 6 months preggo and feel like Im an old lady because I hunch over when I walk... its bad. anywhoo hasta la vista babyyy.

21 April 2011


Tomorrow is my husbands birthday. So naturally it should be all about him, right?
Wellll unfortunately for him I am having surgery tomorrow. When I heard it was scheduled for April 22 I almost screamed. I had already had to change the date once and wasnt able to change it again unless I wanted to wait 6 months... which I didnt couldnt. Luckily it is later in the day so we can still go get Joe's BBQ for lunch. Bummer for me i wont be able to eat... But its the least I can do to sit and let my hubby enjoy his wonderful and free birthday ribs. He did promise to wait and get the Krispe Kremes after my surgery so i can eat some. Anyways! I cant eat anything solid today. So its almost one and all I have had is some of husbands Gatorade. Jamba Juice is calling my name. We will be making a stop on the way home from schoool. Yes im in class right now. No im not listening. Yes i got a 100% on my last test. Holllla

19 April 2011


i MASTERED my math test
that is all

18 April 2011

Brain freeeeze

Tonight we had a surprise party for my Grandpa McDowell's 72 birthday! Everyone made homemade ice cream and ohhh my gosh it was heaven in my mouth. There were so many different kinds! Peppermint, butter pecan, vanilla berrry.... of course I had to try them all. And when I say try, that means a huuge bowl full of each. I dont mess around when it comes to ice cream. Its only the greatest food ever invented (next to bean and cheese burritos mmmm). Chase was working with his dad in Surprise all day so I went with sister Mikie. I love being with family. It is the best. 
Happpy Birthday Grandpa!

a little pity party side note: I have a math test and a presentation tomorrow, a lecture quiz on wednesday, and thursday im only allowed to eat liquids because friday im having surgery... on Chase's birthday. LAME.

16 April 2011

Easter Sunday

I painted my nails Easter colors.
Then I realized I would be spending Easter Weekend in the hospital.

15 April 2011

Seafoam greeen

My sister got seafoam green nail polish and I love it. Its lovely and my toesies were in major need of some color. I haven't done anything to them since Chase and I got married. Yeeeah it was bad. But now they are fabulous. I was in sort of a slum these past few weeks.. or should i say this last month. Just between us girls, my birth control and I werent getting along. I gained a few unwanted pounds and found myself feeling pretty sorry for myself a majority of the time. I always thought girls were being dramatic, blaming birth control or pregnancy on their cranky moods or short tempers. Welp I know understand and I apologize for my lack of understanding. Anyways I am no longer on said birth control and I am already feeling much better. Husband is grateful and I am too. Not that I was a total bear, but I was just extra sensitive. We will be out of this house by tomorrow and moved in with Chase's parents. They are fabulous for letting us barge in. Hopefully they wont get too sick of us. We will have to pay them back one day!
Have a fabulous weekend ladies.

Helllo summer

I cannnot wait for summer to be here. Chase and I are both in desperate need of some summer lovin. School has taken over our lives and being able to spend a few months without much distraction will be maaavalous.
We are very privileged to be able to go to Lake Powell with some of our close friends the Reays. Being on the lake allll day for a week will be fabulous.
Then we have my families yearly trip up to woods canyon and the mogollon rim. I LOVE this trip and cannot wait to sit on the edge of the rim and sing at the top of my lungs with my lovely sisters and cousin Allyse.
Summer wouldnt be complete without some huntington beach action. Plus this is where Chase proposed :)
Then we've got Hawaii. Ooooo buddy im excited. Ive never been but I know it will be amazing. This one will be in October but stilll. It will feel like summer there.

This summer is going to be a great one. But the best part is I am going to be spending it all with my wonderful husband.

10 April 2011

to chop or not to chop

I kinda sorta wanna cut my hair... Husband doesnt want me to at alll but I am getting so sick of my thin flat hair. It doesnt work as well as I would like when it gets too long. So let me know whatcha think!
Im thinking something like these:
orrr keep it like this:
hurrry hurry. Im impatient.
thanks lovas

06 April 2011


I have news. Its not really good or bad. I guess its a little of both. We are getting kicked out of our house. I know you're all probably thinking that is just terrible. Well we have been staying at Chase's grandparents house that the bank has been threatening to take. Ever since we got married and moved in we knew that we could get a notice on our door at anytime. Welp yesterday morning when I went to go on my run, there it was! They want to do a cash for keys. Basically they will pay us to move out in the next two weeks. So we are packing up and moving in with his parents until we get accepted into ASU housing. Should be about 2-3 months. Blah. We are very grateful to have been able to live here as long as we did. And we are kind of relieved because its getting hot and its expensive to cool this big o house! We got all the applications to apply for ASU housing and I am gonna turn it in today.
Anyways on to more exciting news! My girl Ali Serrano is getting married! Her lovely fiance proposed on Saturday night and they will seal the deal August 19th. Its going to be so fun having another married friend! Yay.
Here's my Nali Girl. The most annoying dog that I love.

04 April 2011

Most relaxing weekend of my life

Do you just love this beautiful and inspirational sign? Get it here and tell them Erika Thompson sent ya!

This weekend was so nice! Chase and I stayed in bed all day Saturday and watched general conference. It is so wonderful to have prophets and apostles here on the earth to teach us in these modern times. I loved Richard G Scott's talk about marriage, it was so sweet to hear the love in his voice as he spoke of his lovely wife. It was wonderful for us as a newly married couple. He talked about service and fully giving yourself to your spouse. It was truly wonderful. For those who missed it, you can watch it here. It is so full of good advice and I can promise that you will feel the spirit as you listen.
Have a happy Monday!
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