28 April 2011


Im thinking of doing this with T.
any thoughts?

Life is crazy right now. This past weekend I had my surgery. It all went well... It lasted quite a bit longer than expected, they had to make an extra incision and I was in recovery for 3 hours. I also thought I would be fine the next day and could go home. Nope! I was hurting. They tried to get me up to walk the next morning and I almost died. Literally the worst pain ever. Eventually they got me up and after I started walking around I began feeling lots better. Now I am almost fully functionable. I just cant really use my abs much... My stomach is huge. I look preggo. But other than that, im doing quite well! Next week is my last week of school before finals. I cannot wait for summer. I hope it will be as relaxing and fun as I imagine it. Anyways I will be spending the rest of the night typing up a 5 page essay on globalization. gag me. I hope the rest of you have better things happening tonight.... adios!

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Kristin said...

ouch. :( Sorry to hear about the extra pain. And i love any typography in decor. for real. :) I want to do a collage of random letters by our breakfast nook (eventually...we don't even have a breakfast nook right now!) so when I have preschoolers we can play learning games. :)

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