15 April 2011

Seafoam greeen

My sister got seafoam green nail polish and I love it. Its lovely and my toesies were in major need of some color. I haven't done anything to them since Chase and I got married. Yeeeah it was bad. But now they are fabulous. I was in sort of a slum these past few weeks.. or should i say this last month. Just between us girls, my birth control and I werent getting along. I gained a few unwanted pounds and found myself feeling pretty sorry for myself a majority of the time. I always thought girls were being dramatic, blaming birth control or pregnancy on their cranky moods or short tempers. Welp I know understand and I apologize for my lack of understanding. Anyways I am no longer on said birth control and I am already feeling much better. Husband is grateful and I am too. Not that I was a total bear, but I was just extra sensitive. We will be out of this house by tomorrow and moved in with Chase's parents. They are fabulous for letting us barge in. Hopefully they wont get too sick of us. We will have to pay them back one day!
Have a fabulous weekend ladies.

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