18 April 2011

Brain freeeeze

Tonight we had a surprise party for my Grandpa McDowell's 72 birthday! Everyone made homemade ice cream and ohhh my gosh it was heaven in my mouth. There were so many different kinds! Peppermint, butter pecan, vanilla berrry.... of course I had to try them all. And when I say try, that means a huuge bowl full of each. I dont mess around when it comes to ice cream. Its only the greatest food ever invented (next to bean and cheese burritos mmmm). Chase was working with his dad in Surprise all day so I went with sister Mikie. I love being with family. It is the best. 
Happpy Birthday Grandpa!

a little pity party side note: I have a math test and a presentation tomorrow, a lecture quiz on wednesday, and thursday im only allowed to eat liquids because friday im having surgery... on Chase's birthday. LAME.

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