06 April 2011


I have news. Its not really good or bad. I guess its a little of both. We are getting kicked out of our house. I know you're all probably thinking that is just terrible. Well we have been staying at Chase's grandparents house that the bank has been threatening to take. Ever since we got married and moved in we knew that we could get a notice on our door at anytime. Welp yesterday morning when I went to go on my run, there it was! They want to do a cash for keys. Basically they will pay us to move out in the next two weeks. So we are packing up and moving in with his parents until we get accepted into ASU housing. Should be about 2-3 months. Blah. We are very grateful to have been able to live here as long as we did. And we are kind of relieved because its getting hot and its expensive to cool this big o house! We got all the applications to apply for ASU housing and I am gonna turn it in today.
Anyways on to more exciting news! My girl Ali Serrano is getting married! Her lovely fiance proposed on Saturday night and they will seal the deal August 19th. Its going to be so fun having another married friend! Yay.
Here's my Nali Girl. The most annoying dog that I love.


alicia.lahoma said...

i agree to the annoying dog part. hah sorry! last night was so fun! i love talkin about getting married. holy crap...i'm getting married. love the shout out! love oyu!

alicia.lahoma said...
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