26 June 2012

5 things

  1. Today I am twenty one weeks and 5 days along. That makes me officially half way through this pregnancy. Its been easy peasyy so far. But it is getting to the point were sitting up requires a little grunt. So lady like I know...
  2. I painted my toes yesterday. It was a little awkward but nothing a little maneuvering couldn't handle.
  3. All my pants still fit. Guys I feel so accomplished.
  4. On Thursday night we felt her move for the first time. This little girl has impeccable timing and somehow managed to plan her first real karate kick for when we were laying in bed and Chase had his hand on my stomach. So we both felt her for the first time, at the same time. It was a lovely bonding moment. Now, I feel her multiple times everyday. Its awesome.
  5. The belly button will most likely be out within the next two weeks. Keep on growing my little girl.

25 June 2012

June Twenty One

The good thing about family, is that no matter how bratty & rude someone is growing up, you can't really avoid them. You still see them at all the get togethers and family functions. You are forced to play and spend time together because there isn't anyone else your age! Then you grow up and they are suddenly out of that stage and you realize that even though the first 15 years of your lives together were full of bickering and petty fights, family is family and this person that made you so mad, can also be one of the greatest friends. Happpy late birthday Allyse. Im glad we tolerated each other through the bratty years and get to enjoy the good now. Cant wait for your two lovelies to boss my little ginger around. I know they will end up great friends :) 

19 June 2012

fathers day

Since babe isn't actually here yet, Chase and I decided that mother's and father's day didn't count this year. I know I am technically a mom and Chase a dad, but it just didn't feel right to get cards and gifts to say how good of parents we are. We haven't experienced the late night feedings, the countless messy diapers or the cranky babe that doesn't really know what it wants... But next year we will officially be real parents and get real presents to say how awesome we are at dealing with all that fun stuff.

My dad on the other hand, is a real-live father and boy does he kick butt when it comes to awesome dadness. He really knows his stuff. And the father-in-law, well let me just say that he raised one amazing kid that turned into a wonderful husband. I will forever be grateful for that. So even though I'm a little late, happy father's day. You two really deserve the best. xox
My Dad, Christmas 2001
Chase's bompa in Hawaii last year

06 June 2012

As of lately

The past month has been crazy. Chase is gone from 7am-10pm almost everyday. This little babe is growing and is now 10 oz. I am actually showing now! I feel like I have a whole grapefruit in my belly and I am tired allll the time. I had another ultrasound today, she would not stop moving around. Its crazy how quickly she is growing and changing! Just last month she was only 10 cm long! A few days ago I decided that I want to make a journal to document my pregnancy in the form of letters to our little girl. I want to write a letter every couple weeks just updating everything thats going on and include a picture. This is one of the pages that I have done so far:
I am excited to see how the rest of the book turns out.
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