21 January 2012

I got it from my mama

My cousin's little girl, Kinlee, turned two years old yesterday. She is literally a mini-me of her cute mama. I still cannot believe its been two years since she was born. She was the cutest little baby, with an extremely long tongue {we werent sure if it fit in her mouth when we was first born} and now she is the cutest little toddler. Good job on making cute babes, Allyse! To celebrate, we all went to BJs. Chase and I shared a buffalo chicken pizza. It was amazing. Then of course we enjoyed some pazookies!
She was so excited about her cute presents.
She got super embarrassed when we started singing to her.
 Love my Poo On Toast
 Showing us how old she is {she cant figure out how to hold two fingers up on one hand}
 Love Them
 our pups couldn't contain their excitement when we got home.
I then fell asleep at like 9 o'clock. Thats how we roll on Friday night.
ps what do y'all think of the hair do? I want HONESTY people. I can take whatever you've got.

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