24 February 2011

poooper scooper

bad news number one: i had a doctors appointment to see what needs to be done with my broken kidney. welp i need a full blown surgery. yay me. it will be a two hour long procedure where they cut off a section of my ureter (the tube that goes from my kidney to my bladder) and reconnect it to my kidney in a different spot. ill have to be in the hospital for a few days again. but if all goes according to plan my kidney will then be fixed and i shouldnt get those nasty infections anymore.
bad news number two: we might not be going to disneyland anymore. we were invited to share a room with some friends but they decided it would be too crowded so they uninvited us. and since we are poor newlyweds we dont have the money to spend on a room. imagine a five year old dropping his ice cream cone.... yeah that was chase's face when i told him the news. we are trying to figure out a plan b but who knows what will happen.

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