10 March 2011

vanilla & chocolate please

Helllo there. Do you like the new do? Ive been saying im going to add brown into my hair for a while and I finally did it! My lovely sister in law Kirsten does a wonderful job. Ya like? Hit her up: 928.243.8757 despite the area code she lives here in Arizona and would love new clients.
My spring break started today at two and i got the opportunity to catch up with my friend Kylie Mangum. We went to Paradise Bakery and ended up staying for three hours just chatting! This is one of those girls that is always so much fun. We have the relationship were we could not talk for months and randomly decide to hangout and we pick right back up where we left off. Its wonderful. She was my first friend at Basha High and we have had some great times together....
Okay there are a million Kylie and Erika pictures to choose from so i will stop there. But today was great and we wont be waiting months again before out next outing.

On a side note. I just found out that my surgery is scheduled for April 22nd. CHASE'S BIRTHDAY. I am so mad but there is nothing I can do about it. But i have a plan that Kylie helped me think of and if all goes as planned he will still have an awesome birthday :)

1 comment:

Sidney said...

Oh goodness. Love that last picture. You girls are so fun!

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