19 March 2011


Tonight we decided to make this awesome dinner with ribs, mashed potatoes, veggies and to top it all off I was going to make some sugar cookies. Well the ribs took way longer than we thought and turns out we cooked them wrong. So they were chewy and hard to eat. Then I made my sugar cookies with blue bonnet instead of butter so they were too sticky, but i thought i had just not added the last cup of flour. So i added another cup, rolled em all out and stuck them in the oven. Then i made the frosting (also with blue bonnet) and once i put the frosting on the first cookie and tried it i almost threw up. It was WAY too much flour and the frosting tasted just like the blue bonnet.... it was gross. So we ate otter-pops the rest of the night. Boo. Ill have to redeem myself tomorrow.

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