02 March 2011


i have been working out like a mad woman lately and holy smokes i am so sore. its funny that i go to the gym and workout really hard and am totally fine. then i go with husband and i cannot even walk the next day... or the next day or the next day. okay purpose of my post: i decided that i am going to start eating healthier along with my working out. since being married i am a lot more tired... and i need a little something to boost my energy. my exercise science class has taught me a lot about the importance of eating healthy and how it affects your body. i need less saturated fats and all the nasty added sugars. {taking these out of my diet will make my face all silky smooth tooo} so i am going to make a plan and every sunday i am going to plan the rest of the weeks dinners and every night before i go to bed i am going to pack myself a lunch so i can grab it in the morning and have a healthy meal and snack so i am not tempted to buy a muffin and hot chocolate from the school cafeteria.... hopefully this works and i have more energy to get me through the day! ill letcha know how it goes.
ps i watched chase play basketball tonight and let me just say that i have the most talented husband. period.

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