08 March 2011


For the past 3 nights our bath has been empty. That's right folks there have been no bubble baths at the Thompson home. Our water heater decided to poop out on us. Lucky for us the other side of the house has a separate water heater so we can shower. But there is no bathtub over there. SO husband tried an experiment. Okay this is probably as white trash that you can get so I am a little hesitant to tell you.. okay fine! He took four hoses and connected them all, hooked it up to the shower with the hot water and dragged it across the whole house and into our bathtub. Bummer for us the water doesnt get near hot enough and it fills up SO SLOW. So we are still bathless and it is horrible. Hopefully we can get it fixed this week so we wont have to watch 30Rock in bed ugh. okay im done.
Ta ta pretties!

1 comment:

alicia.lahoma said...

wow......that is aLOT of information! hahah

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